The Incredible Benefits of Becoming a Google Search Jedi

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The Incredible Benefits of Being a Google JediPresentation by: Golden Keywords Course


What is a Jedi?Jedi: Anyone with special privileges or supernormal powers - Source: Google Combine Google + Jedi = master web searcher


The Problem With GoogleEven Though Google is Great, Its Not Perfect. Save precious time with quick searching saving JUST 5 minutes a day:30 hours a year150 hours in 5 years300 hours in 10 years (12.5 days)!


Everyone Searches Looked up information about a local business on Yelp? YESAre you interested in starting a business? YESEver did research for school? YESHave you ever purchased an item from Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba? YESHave you ever stalked or searched for someone on Facebook NO??| YES


Why Become a Jedi?

Search engine optimization & consultation EntrepreneurAuthorKnowledge worker Academics Hardcore web user Save time, energy, and moneyResume builder, new skill, teach it to others


The Ultimate Solution?

Google Search Jedi !3 piece training courseIncludes video training, test w/ solutions &PPTUp to date infoLots of examples for easy pedagogy 100% self paceHave a TRUE Jedi show you!


Become a Jedi Today

You can pick up your copy of Google Search Jedi by visiting the product page which is listed in the video description. Scroll down to the bottom of the site and click the ADD TO CART BUTTON. Your mere moments away from becoming a search Jedi!