the internet by rory gallagher. what is the internet? the internet is a worldwide, publicly...

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The Internet By Rory Gallagher

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The Internet By Rory Gallagher Slide 2 What is The Internet? The internet is a worldwide, publicly accessible network of interconnected computer networks. The internet carries lots of super information and services such as e-mail, online chat, file transfer and lots more!! Slide 3 But how can we connect to the internet? What additional hardware, software and other services are required to access this tool?? Slide 4 You will need A modem A computer An internet browser Possibly a phone line An account with an ISP Slide 5 Hardware To connect to the internet the hardware you will require is a; ComputerModem Slide 6 Connecting To The Internet You need a computer to communicate with another computer by using a telephone line. The problem is that computers use digital signals (i.e. 0 and 1s) whilst telephones use an analogue signal. And Therefore a modem is required to convert these signals Slide 7 Whats a Modem?! The modem will usually be connected to a Computer and its function is to modulate & demodulate. In other words to convert the digital signal from the computer to a analogue signal to be sent over a phone line and vice versa. Slide 8 Types of Modems There is many different types of modems available depending on how you are connecting to the internet For example: Slide 9 Types of Modems - An analogue Modem To use with an ordinary phone line. This modem links your computer to the phone and converts computer signals to analogue phone line signals and back again. The most common speed is 56kbps very slow. - An ISDN line & terminal adaptor Is a digital connection and slightly faster than analogue 128kbps still very slow. - An ADSL or cable telephone line and broadband modem This method is the most popular and is very fast Up to 24mb Or 24000kbps. - Radio/Wireless Modems A modem which provides a Wireless Connection for connection to pcs and laptops etc. without wires. It normally includes a broadband modem to connect. Slide 10 Example Modem ADSL Wireless Router Modem Slide 11 ISPs With a modem you are now able to send signals along the telephone line to the telephone exchange but where do they go after that? You need to decide who is going to handle the link from the telephone exchange to the Internet for you. There are companies called Internet Service Providers or ISP for short that do this for you. Slide 12 What is an ISP? Definition ISPs or Internet Service Providers are the companies who provide you with access to the internet. Commonly used ISPs include BT, Orange, AOL, and Virgin. Most offer the same basic package of Internet access, email addresses, web space for your own pages and local rate call charges. Slide 13 Examples of an ISP Slide 14 Software To browse the internet you will require an Internet Browser Slide 15 Whats an Internet Browser? A web browser is a software application is that enables a user to display and interact with text, images and other information typically located on a webpage on at a website on the world wide web or a local area network. Slide 16 Features of an Internet Browser All browsers will have a number of similar features to help you use the Web: Forward and back buttons to move between pages A history folder which stores details of recently visited web pages A stop button if a page is taking too long to load Favourites and bookmark options to store often visited pages Options to cut, copy, save and print the information viewed Slide 17 Examples of Internet Browser Opera Browser Slide 18 Examples of Internet Browser Mozilla Firefox Slide 19 Examples of Internet Browser Internet Explorer Slide 20 The Internet So basically this is how you are connected to the internet; PC (with internet browser) Modem + ISP Slide 21 Homework! For your homework you will give a full definition of; - Modem - ISP - Internet Browser Hint : Use your Textbook! The End