the invisible interface: designing the screenless experience - by avi itzkovitch | ux riga 2016

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    The Invisible Interface

    Designing the Screenless Experience@xgmedia

  • Microsoft Envisioning Lab 2009

  • Productivity Future Vision (2009)

  • Microsoft Envisioning Lab 2011

  • Productivity Future Vision (2011)

  • Microsoft Envisioning Lab 2015



  • 01. Walk up to my door

    02. Pull out my smartphone

    03. Wake-up my smartphone

    04. Unlock my phone

    05. Exit my last opened app

    06. Exit my last open group

    07. Search for the app

    08. Tap the app icon

    09. Wait for the app to load

    10. Tap to unlock my door

    11. I open the door

    I want to open my door

  • Screen-based thinking

  • The Era of Invisible Design

  • Mark Weiser (1952 - 1999) Director of research at Xerox PARC

    The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.

    Ubiquitous Computing


  • August Smart Lock

  • August Smart Lock

  • 6am Syncs with your alarm to gently wake you up naturally, like the sunrise. The right light tobget you going.

  • 1pm When everyone is out to lunch, Alba turns off the lights automatically. Color temperature can be optimized for productivity.

  • 6pm Alba helps set the right lighting so you can better enjoy family time.

  • Midnight Alba will gently light your way at night. Just enough to find your way while letting everyone else sleep.

  • Alba has embedded sensors that allow it to intelligently respond to the surrounding world.

    Perfect Light LevelWith integrated sensors,

    Alba is always able to maintain perfect lighting

    levels without wasting any light

    Color TemperatureAlba seamlessly adjusts

    from cool whites to warm-yellow tones to suit the


    Motion SensingOn when youre there, off when youre not never worry about touching a

    switch again

    Intuitive LearningOur system works straight out of the box and learns

    from your inputs

  • DEVICE INTERACTIONThe Internet of Experience

  • CubeSensors Improving indoor living.

  • Cone, the thinking music player.

  • Turn to play

  • Ask for something

  • Play something different

  • BeoSound Moment - Wireless sound system

  • Dialog is a concept designed to help people with epilepsy gain a deeper understanding of their condition and make better decisions about their care.

  • Haptic Feedback

    Draws attention to the screen for medication reminders.

  • Double Tap

    Allows the patient to mark the start of a big or small aura.

  • Small Gesture

    Allows the patient to indicate her mood.

  • Big Grasp

    Calls 911 when the patient is experiencing a seizure

  • Fin: Wearable Ring Make your Palm as Numeric Keypad and Gesture Interface

  • Google Project Soli is developing a new interaction sensor using radar technology. The sensor can track sub-millimeter motions at high speed and accuracy. It fits onto a chip, can be produced at scale and built into small devices and everyday objects.

  • Project Soli

  • Amazon Dash Button: Place it. Press it. Get it.

  • Amazon microphone

  • HUMAN BEHAVIOR AS AN INTERFACEThe Internet of Experience

  • The cubes change color from green to orange to finally red as you keep drinking beyond the safety limit. If things get out of control, the cubes send a text to your close friend using your smartphone.

  • +

    A multi-device ecosystem

  • DISPLAYING INFORMATIONThe Internet of Experience

  • Pull Users choose content in real time based on personal choices

  • Push Provides direct filtered content to users based on preferences.

  • Estimote Beacons A small, wireless device, sometimes also called a mote. When placed in a physical space, it broadcasts tiny radio signals around itself.

  • A $1 Billion Project To Remake The Disney World Experience, Using RFID

  • AmbientSeamless interaction with least demand on our attention.

  • The Ambient Orb is a frosted-glass ball that glows different colors to display real time stock market trends, traffic congestion, pollen forecasts, or any other Ambient information channel: weather, windspeed, pollen, and more.

  • Ambient Umbrella

  • When rain, drizzle, snow or thunderstorms

    are forecasted, the handle glows to

    indicate the necessity of an umbrella.

    The light pattern changes depending on

    the severity of the forecasted conditions.

  • Tempescope

  • BluFit - The Smart Water Bottle

  • Proverbial Wallet

  • Ambient Furniture

  • The Era of Invisible Design

  • Designing with Sensors

  • Thank you Avi Itzkovitch