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  • 1. The iPad for Teaching and LearningDr. Iain DohertyAssociate Professor Director eLearning Pedagogical Support Unit Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching andLearning 3rd February 2012

2. Apple TV 3. No Apple TV 4. The Educational Process Intended learning outcomes and graduate attributes Resources to enable students to engage in learning Tasks and activities to help students to learn Supports both built in and human Assessment to determine whether learning hasoccurred 5. Technology & Teaching Using technologies purposefully in teaching andlearning means being learning led and technologyenabled The question to ask has to do with how technologiescan support students in achieving the intendedlearning outcomes for any particular program / course In other words, what place does the iPad have inproviding resources, engaging students in tasks /activities, providing supports and carrying outassessments 6. Doing Things Better Educational benefit can be conceived of in terms ofimproving student learning Educational benefit can also be conceived of in termsof enabling students to do things in the learningenvironment that would not otherwise be possible These are not mutually exclusive.Murray, O. T., & Olcese, N. R. (2011). Teaching and Learning with iPads,Ready or Not? TechTrends, 55(6), 42-48. doi:10.1007/s11528-011-0540-6 7. Just Another Laptop? The form factor means that the iPad is more akin to amobile phone that is carried everywhere i.e. integratedinto a life / extension of self The iPad runs on code written specifically for the devicewhich means fast boot up + processing speed + thebattery life is good (about 10 hours) Interaction with the device is tactile and engaging givinga distinct User Interface experience There are 200,000 + applications written specifically forthe iPad 8. Agile Space I am using the term agile here to signal a newtechnology space in between handheld and portable.Devices which fit this space are particularly useful forteaching and learning purposes, as they offer theflexibility needed for modern learning practices. It hastaken the iPad to really cement this space althoughthere will be countless others arriving in the marketfairly soon. Whether or not they will offer the rightblend of features successfully of course remains tobe seen. 9. Lets Be Clear There is a lot of hype and a lot of subjectivity inclaims made about the value of the iPad in education Only a limited number of the 200, 000 + applicationsare specifically educational Whether there is actual educational benefit still hasto be shown through scholarly research 10. Doing Things Better Our study suggests that there is a paucity ofapplications that truly extend capability, much of whatthese application allow can be done with otherdevices, and this leads us to conclude that thecurrent trajectory will not revolutionize teaching andlearning. The lack of collaboration capabilitiesunderlie this point, as do the overwhelming number ofapplication that are simply drill and practice orfocused on delivering content for consumption.Murray, O. T., & Olcese, N. R. (2011). Teaching and Learning with iPads,Ready or Not? TechTrends, 55(6), 42-48. doi:10.1007/s11528-011-0540-6 11. Might Still Make It Contemporary digital age university students indeveloped countries are familiar with socialnetworking through Facebook, instant communicationvia Twitter and mobile technology through theirsmartphones. They compare these with university e-mail and e-learning systems, projected lecture slidesand handwritten assessment tasks. They haveexpressed a desire for more varied forms ofcommunication and more vibrant learning methodsManuguerra, M., & Petocz, P. (2011). Promoting Student Engagement by IntegratingNew Technology into Tertiary Education: The Role of the iPad. Asian Social Science,7(11), 61-65. doi:10.5539/ass.v7n11p61 12. Might Still Make It The iPad may also become central in education inorder to graduate students familiar with devices thatwill be used in the workplace e.g. agile devices formaintaining patient records, accessing informationinstantly, presenting to patients 13. Resources Digital Encyclopedia of Dentistry Glossary of Dentistry Restorative Dentistry Guide My Dental Hub Mobile 14. Digital Encyclopedia 15. Glossary of Dentistry 16. Restorative Guide 17. My Dental Hub 18. My Dental Hub 19. Activities White Board Classroom interactions Mendeley Reference Manager- Complete readings Documents to Go - Work on assignments GoodReader Read all document types Evernote - Solve problems Moodle Mobile - Interactions 20. White Board 21. Mendeley 22. Documents to Go 23. GoodReader 24. GoodReader 25. Evernote 26. Evernote 27. Mobile Moodle 28. Supports iTunes U Built in supports such as rubrics Email Personal asynchronous support Skype Personal synchronous support 29. iTunes U Application 30. Skype 31. Email 32. Assessment Dedicated applications & Moodle quizzes - Multiplechoice, short answer Drop Box - Written assignments MindJet - Problems / cases for formative and mediarich PDF documents for summative 33. Moodle 34. Drop Box 35. MindJet 36. Application URLs Whiteboard Mendeley Documents to Go Good Reader Evernote Skype 37. Application URLs Dropbox MindJet