the legacy of world war i - ?· the legacy of world war i world war i. lesson essential ... told...

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  • Bell Ringer

    Read the Ram Treaty and discuss your thoughts

    with your partner!

  • The Legacy of World War I

    World War I

  • Lesson Essential Question & Objectives


    What were the political and social effects of World War I ?


    1. Compare and Contrast the Treaty of Versailles and Woodrow Wilsons Plans for Peace.

    2. Analyze the social changes that occurred after the war.

  • One Americans StoryMarch 24, 1919 Entered N.Y. Harbor. Mayor Committee of Welcome came to meet us & band began to play Home Sweet Home. Crowd began to cheer. As we steamed up the Bay, we all crowded to one side of the boat, almost upsetting the boat...Passed the Statue of Liberty & Such whooping & Cheering one never heard. -Bugler Wayne DeSilvey

    William DeSilvey was a young soldier from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He served as a bugler in the 112th Infantry Division. He was wounded and gassed in an attack on November 11, 1918, the last day of the war. (He describes his return to America with other troops)!He eventually died from the effects of the gassing.

  • Woodrow Wilsons Plan for Peace

    Woodrow Wilson wanted to prevent another world war

    Fourteen Points: President Woodrow Wilsons goals for peace after World War I

    January 1918: Ten months before the war ended

    Read about him!

    Radical new plan for peacetold congress about his plan 10 months before the end of the war.

  • Fourteen Points Group Activity


  • Fourteen PointsSmaller Military Forces

    End to Secret Treaties

    Freedom of the Seas

    Free Trade

    Changes in National Boundaries

    Independence to the people of Austria Hungary & Ottoman Empire

  • Fourteen Points

    #14 was most important:

    League of Nations: an organization set up after World War I to settle international conflicts

    Acceptance of the 14 Points would bring Peace without Victory

  • Treaty of VersaillesBritain, France, & Italy did not share Wilsons vision of peace without victory

    Treaty of Versailles: the 1919 Treaty that ended World War I

    Germany would pay: Forced to Accept Full Blame for the war Stripped of its colonies Military was limited to 100,000 soldiers $33 Billion in Reparations

    Britain, France, and Italy wanted Germany to PAY heavily for the war!

  • Treaty of Versailles

    The Treaty also changed national boundaries:





    Poland (independent)

    Blue was Germany Border BeforeRed was RussiaGreen was Austria Hungary

  • Treaty of Versailles

    Wilson managed to include the League of Nations in the Treaty

    The American Senate rejected the treaty: Changes must be made

    Wilson refused to compromise and the U.S. did not ratify the treaty

    The League of Nations was formed without the United States

  • Primary Sources

    Read An Appeal for Support for the League of Nations

    Answer the Questions with a partner

  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles failed to make Europe Safe for Democracy

    Germanys economic burden and resentment would grow

    The Treaty planted the seed for World War II

  • Summarizing Question

    How did Woodrow Wilson hope to achieve world peace?

    Wilsons plan called for smaller military forces, an end to secret treaties, freedom of the seas, free trade, changes in national boundaries, and the creation

    of the league of nations

  • Summarizer

    Treaty of Versailles Revision:

    With your partner, discuss how you would have revised the treaty of

    Versailles to try and avoid its negative effects. Be prepared to

    present your discussion to the class.


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