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  • 1. By:Rick RiordanJay Shah, Period 3 Mr.Marzo

2. Percy Jackson has trouble studying and reading because of his dyslexia andASHD. He keeps getting into trouble with his teacher, and is expelled from eachschool he attends or applies to. He has to go from boarding schoolbecause nobody wants him because he is dyslexic and has ADHD. He also foolsaround a lot.Percy lives with his mother and step father, but doesnt know who his real father is.Percy and the other students go on a field trip to a museum of art. There one ofthe teacher that undergoes some pretty appealing changes and attacks our herofor no apparent or good reason. Percy is able to defend himself for a bit oftime, but the teacher disappears. For some reason none of the other students onthe trip remember the teacher ever being there because she disappeared.Percy eventually learns that the master lightning bolt of Zeus was stolen and thegods believe that Percy is the thief. Percy must undertake a dangerous journeywith a couple of other students to clear himself and find the missing lightingbolt, and all must be done within ten days or less. He learns much abouthimself, his dyslexia, his abilities and his ancestry in the process to find the lightingbolt. 3. Percy Jackson has a lot ofpersonalities. He is a demigod isbrave, dyslexic, ADHD, and son ofPoseidon(god of sea).Eventhough he has ADHD like fewpeople he is still capable of hiswork. Growing up, Percy neverknew his dad. Also Percy is a ademi-god meaning he is halfgod, which gives him extradinorytalent to do tasks. The greek godsstill exist and theyre in Americanow and they still have demigodchildren that go to train at thisspecial summer camp, camp half-blood. Percy is the narrartor of thebook. 4. The genre for the lightning thief is fantasy which means isfiction. It is marked as Childrens literature and Adultliterature. This genre is even included in the section inage adventure and quest. It is the first fantasy adventurenovel based on Greek Mythology. 5. Friends Family Grover-Percys only best friend in the world. Sally Jackson- this is Percys mom.Grover has stuck by Percy throughout sixthgrade and has kept watch over him. PercyShe is very nice and takes care ofmeets Grover at Yancy Academy and spendsPercy, but ever since her fathermuch of the time protecting him:died she had no career and works Annabeth- Percys friend who is Athenasin a candy shop living in adaughter and is very smart. She hatesPosiedon. Annabeths family is very similar toapartment.Percys family. Mr. Bruneer-Mr. Brunner is Percys favorite Gabe- Gabe is Percys step dad.teacher, and teaches Latin. Later on Percyrealizes that Mr. Brunner is a Chiron. A chiron He is very smelly for one bigis a very smart centaur who has trained manyreason. Sally knows Percy is a halfheroes before Percys time, including blood so she marries GabeHercules.because his smells take away themonsters.


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