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  1. 1. The Mastering Room was founded by President/Chief Mastering Engineer, Greg Forsberg. Greg has a long history in the music business, from Engineer at the world famous Plant Studios in the Bay Area, to his 10 years owning and operating Supaslump Masters, church cd mastering , a premier mastering facility located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  2. 2. The Mastering Room represents the finest in audio mastering. It is a culmination of my lifes work, embodying a spare no expense attitude, and dedication to delivering the absolute highest quality master regardless of the cost.Each album that graces our studio is treated as if it is the single most important collection of music ever created. There is no clock. When work begins, time does not exist, and there is no such thing as "good enough". This is the new breed, carrying on the traditions and work ethic of the Mastering Engineer; one who dedicates their life to this pliable art and exacting science.We believe, that at its best, mastering could be likened to standing in front of a foggy mirror. If you could grab a dry towel and wipe the fog away, you would see all of the detail that was once somewhat masked and blurry.
  3. 3. You didnt have to change the composition of the person standing there, and you didnt have to change the composition of the mirror, you just had to let the persons reflection be accurately represented.There are times when there is very little fog if any at all, and there are times it is hard to tell what is being reflected in that mirror, but either way, the goal is to stay true to that person that is the source of the reflection. The Mastering Room offers the absolute highest quality CD / DVD replication and full service manufacturing. There is no substitute for having your mastering engineer directly oversee your project through manufacturing. Visit Us:- Address:- Las Vegas 89165 USA Phone:- 415.948.4734


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