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2. Sec. 1 Review: Dates of middle ages?? What major empire collapsed at the beginning of the middle ages? What religion was dominant in Europe during this time? What great King the Franks united and strengthened much of Europe? 3. Review (Cont.) After Charlemagnes rule, what two groupsinvaded Europe? 4. Feudalism Review Manor Lord Took Oath of Fealty to be loyal to king Knight Protected the manor Followed code of chivalry Serf Peasant worker 5. The Medieval Church Roman Catholic Church-very powerful Focused on convertingpeople in Europe toChristianity Focus on rituals Sacraments Helped sick and needy All services, teachings, andscriptures were in Latin 6. Churches Usually, the largest building in the town Very elaborately decorated Cathedrals- Huge magnificent church buildings Very ornate 7. Canterbury Cathedral 8. York Minster Cathedral 9. Notre Dame- Paris 10. Women in church Ideal perfect woman-Virgin Mary Women seen as weakerthan men Needed more protection Often punished moreharshly than men 11. Power Grows Pope- spiritual leader of the Catholic church Papal Supremacy- popes claimed rule over allkings and emperors Bishops- Higher ranking church officials Usually noble lords 12. Power Grows Church developed its own laws called canonlaws Church courts Punishment- excommunication 13. Corruption Priests stealing money Priests living luxury Priests starting marrying, creating families,and neglecting their Reform Refocus on the church Friars- travelling monks, preached to poor St. Francis of Assisi- read box on p. 43 14. Jews in Medieval Europe Large Jewish communities in Spain Spain was controlled by Muslims- more tolerant ofJews Many Jews were able to live in harmony withChristians Often paid higher taxes Prejudice increased over time Could not own land Banned from most jobs 15. Prep for tomorrows activity Read the section on monasteries andconvents on p. 41- 42 in your book.