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The Mis-Education of MLM dissects a marketing tactic used by a popular MLM company. I explain why I believe the tactic is flawed.


  • The Mis-Education of MLM Did you know one of the biggest flaws in Multi-Level Marketing is the lack of MARKETING skills? Actually, it makes sense, because no experience is required to start an MLM business. As a new MLMer, your sponsor promises to teach you what you need to know to sell your product. The problem is that the focus is placed on earning Fast Start Bonuses, getting that first team member, and everything else but Marketing! Frankly, it bugs me. I was in two network marketing companies, and I can definitely tell you there was a vast difference between the two. It wasnt until I got involved in the internet that I actually began to understand what I was doing in MLM. Anywho What prompted this post was this post I saw on Facebook, and I have to share with you what I believe is flawed with the technique.
  • Check out this post: First issue: I need your help As women, we are taught this tactic in MLM as a way to tug at the heart strings of other women, because women, love to help each other out. I used this method myself. When I did, I honestly felt like a loser. It reeks of desperation, and nothing about it says Im here to help you. Nothing about it made me feel like a savvy businesswoman! Second issue: I need someone representing all these categories The reason I hate this part, is that it is strictly a numbers game. You are essentially gambling that someone in this group will buy your products. The goal is simply to get the numbers up.
  • Well, you can go through 100 people, but if NONE of them are in a position to buy your product, its activity just numbers. Ive got nothing against numbers. What I have something against is WRONG numbers! There's a difference between going through a 100 people who you know have the capability to buy and choose not to vs. just going through 100 people. Last issue: The goal This is how the post ended: Although this person clearly shared the goal, the benefit was not to the client but to herself. So, although the clients were offered a $25 gift certificate, the end message was for self. This is what really gets me... Heres the issue I have with MLM, and its not to put down the MLM industry, but to share what I see as a flaw in teaching. In MLM, youre told that everyone needs your product. Youre also told that everyone within 3 feet of you is a prospect. That just isnt true. The purpose of you sharing your products with people is for them to ultimately buy from you, and perhaps become a team member. If the people you are dealing with cant afford your product, you are wasting your time. Thats not mean. Thats just life.
  • You dont see retailers asking for help. Take a look at retailer Nordstrom, for instance. Nordstrom has a sale twice per year. Otherwise, their price is their price. You can either afford it or you cant. If you cant afford it, guess what Nordstrom doesnt have time for you. To make the most of your time, weed people out. The best way to do that is to know your target market and your niche within the market. Then, you need to speak to the needs of that market. Once you do that, and you can relate to your market, and you wont have to ask for help. If youre scratching your head wondering who is in your target market (TRUST me, its not everybody), click here to grab your copy of my Target Market Profile so you can get on the road to profits in your business! Keep marching forward, LuSundra


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