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The Mosque - Masjid. The Mosque - Masjid. Muslims believe that they are allowed to pray anywhere. So why do they need a Mosque ?. To know the features of a mosque To explain their meaning To evaluate why Muslims need a mosque. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>The Mosque - Masjid</p> <p>The Mosque - Masjid</p> <p>The Mosque - MasjidTo know the features of a mosqueTo explain their meaningTo evaluate why Muslims need a mosque</p> <p>Muslims believe that they are allowed to pray anywhere. So why do they need a Mosque ?</p> <p>Write out in order what a Muslim does from the moment they enter a Mosque for prayers.How is this similar to a Christians church service ?How is this different from a Christian church service? What explains the differences?**The Imam does not sit on the highest step of a minrab. Why do you think that is?A Muezzin sounds out the call to prayer from a tall...Muslims wash ritually in the Muslims makes their way to the Mosque and take off their shoes in the..Muslims pray together in the... An imam preaches a sermon and leads prayers from a tower called the Minaretmens/ womens wudu areasminbar a pulpit with stairs leading up to itentrance hallprayer hallFunctions of a Mosque</p> <p>An important place for worship and performing Salat. (Especially on a Friday).The Mosque is the place where the Muslim community can come together. </p> <p>Muslims believe that they are allowed to pray anywhere. So why do they need a Mosque ? Explain 3 reasons. The mosque may run courses about the Quran, Islam and learning Arabic.Many people eat there and can even stay the night. It provides for the poor. Virtual TourSheikh Zayed Mosque (2 billion dollars)Identify the following features on the tourMinaret (tower)Prayer hall Minbar (pulpit)</p> <p>GBBEDGMinbar - pulpitMinaret - towerMen and womens wudu areaShoe rackDomePrayer hallEntrance hallMihrab points the way to MeccaAFH1. Draw your own plan of a mosque adding the labels.2. Why would you not find pictures or statues in a mosque? ***Draw what the mosque would look like from the outside. C6Islamic BuildingsIslamic buildings often contain a mixture of both calligraphy art and geometric art</p> <p>Think of a word that means a lot to Muslims and write it on the Mosque your best handwriting.Add in some geometric patterning to your mosque.</p> <p>7Hangman..</p>


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