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  • 1. The Necessity of OOSE Design Patterns @ SOA WEB SERVICES JOURNAL Search Jump to a SYS-CON Magazine The Worlds Leading Resource on SOA / Web Services Sign-In | Register SOA JAVA AJAX WEB 2.0 FLEX LINUX OPEN SOURCE .NET ECLIPSE STORAGE/SECURITY IT-SOLUTIONS WEBSPHERE XML COLDFUSION PB SEO/SEM WIRELESS WEBLOGIC YOUR FEEDBACK TOP SOA / XML / WEB SERVICES LINKS Why Vista Fails in Gaming Applications Ingres Webcast: Low cost and complex db management and OS maintenance John Smith wrote: City of Heroes/ villains uses OpenGL rendering, which Feature the... Nov. 20, 2006 12:58 PM The Necessity of OOSE Design Patterns Did you read today's front page stories & breaking news? You Wouldn't Try to Cook Without a Recipe, Right? By: Jochen Krebs Aug. 9, 2006 04:15 PM Digg This! Page 1 of 4 next page On Demand Webcasts BACKBASE Object-oriented software engineering (OOSE) without design patterns is like cooking without a AJAX Best Practices recipe. Patterns guide us with ingredients and step-by-step instructions for assembling the solution to a recurring problem. In the same way we rely on recipes in cooking, we experience CASSATT patterns as repeatable, proven solutions, and software engineering becomes more reliable and With Daniel Knight successful. SOA / WEB SERVICES / XML LINKS YOU MUST CLICK ON ! CENTRICCRM As in the culinary arts, where chopping and cutting techniques are prerequisites for mixing and Built for the Enterprise flavoring dishes, there are many design patterns for all sort of challenges -- basic, intermediate, ADS BY GOOGLE ADOBE and advanced -- depending on your needs. However, food recipes often contain references to Extending AJAX with Adobe Flex other recipes that go well with the main dish, thus enhancing the entire meal. TODAY'S TOP READS COMPOSITE SOFTWARE "What's MIA in SOA?" Asks Metallect's CEO Guy Hoffman This article will focus on exactly these pattern relationships, combinations, and variations. It's all Incorporating Existing Systems into a SOA part of an emerging trend we might call "pattern-driven software engineering." The examples I Executive Carnage at HP: Loses Four General Managers in Two Weeks provide are visualized in UML and would eventually be transformed into code (e.g., Java). IDS Scheer Launches New Products From The ARIS Platform For ROGUEWAVE Because patterns do not only affect the structure and dynamics of classes and objects, this Process Excellence Software Pipelines article will conclude investigating the role of patterns in a service-oriented architecture (SOA). webMethods Certifies and Enables Key Partners for SOA Governance METALLECT With New Program What's MIA in SOA! The concept of patterns Pitney Bowes Introduces SOA-Based Customer Data Quality Platform SUGARCRM Patterns emerge as software engineers begin to notice recurring problems. If you design Open Source Portal Platform Provider Liferay Teams With Pramati Sugar Commercial Open Source software and you face a situation in which you ask yourself "Gee, I can't be the first person facing this problem!" your search for a pattern has just begun. Once you find and apply a FIS And IFX Forum Announce IFX SOA Reference Site pattern, your solution will not only benefit from the knowledge gained in the past, but this Composite Software Adds SOA Data Services For SAP BW pattern might also open a door to related patterns. An individual pattern works in its described DIGITAL EDITION context and offers a variety of related patterns that can improve the quality of your solution SOA Legacy Application Modernization Study even more. Eventually, one design, pattern could be a starting point for an entire pattern-driven Micro Focus Opens COBOL Applications To SOA design process. Hermes Precisa Selects SOA Company Epicor For Sustaining Business Growth Before we discuss the relationships among patterns, let's explore that culinary metaphor a bit and take a look at some individual patterns. (1 of 5)11/20/2006 11:19:44 AM
  • 2. The Necessity of OOSE Design Patterns @ SOA WEB SERVICES JOURNAL SOA Company Nodus Makes Credit Card Process Automation I'll describe a typical TV cooking show to help explain software patterns and their relationships. Affordable For The SMB The goal of the show is to demonstrate the preparation of a specific meal. On most cooking shows, however, we find cups and bowls in front of the chef, with ingredients such as onions Service-Oriented Architecture Guru, David Linthicum, Launches the already prepared. That's because the expert cook doesn't need to illustrate the chopping of Linthicum Group onions in front of the TV audience; it would be boring. Prior to the taping of the show, the chef webMethods Unveils N