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  1. 1. PART 1: WHAT ARE REPLACEMENT WINDOWS? Buying a home is a serious step that involves personal decisions, financial commitment, and candid talks with your real estate agent. There are many milestones before you finally settle in and enjoy a quiet night in your new home. Even after youve officially moved in, the work may not stop there. Windows, for instance, can start to showsignsofwearoncetheygetpastthe10-yearmark.Butbecause window problems arent always easy to spot, not all homebuyers notice their condition during their walk-throughs. After move- in, you may find that the windows in your new home arent in the condition you expected. You can have your windows repaired if the damage is minimal and most of the parts are still in relatively good condition. But if the windows are old and the damage extensive, replacements are the better option.
  2. 2. PART 1: WHAT ARE REPLACEMENT WINDOWS? Replacement Window vs. New Window The term replacement window seems self-explanatory in that it refers to a window thats installed to replace a damaged or worn- out unit. However, contractors make a distinction between a replacement window and anew construction window. A replacement window is meant to fit in an existing window opening and doesnt require the removal of exterior materials. A new construction window, on the other hand, must be nailed into the framing of the home. The latter is used in new house construction, home additions and when a window needs to be replaced completely, frame and all. A retrofit window is smaller and easier to install and, for these reasons, much cheaper. In Part Two of this e-book, well find out why you may need replacement windows and how to tell when its time to pull the plug on your old ones.
  3. 3. The question of replacement windows isnt one that all homebuyers need to worry about. Barring extreme cases, its an automatic no if you bought new construction or if the previous homeowner had them replaced before the property went up for sale. If the answer isnt obvious, how do you know if you need new windows? If youre new to the house, you wont be able to tell if the electric bill is unusually high or if the windows are going to be a pain to maintain. For a new homeowner, these are some of the signs that sayyes: - There are water stains around the windows. - Parts of the windows are rotting. - The windows stick or wont stay open. - The old windows have single-pane glass. - You can hear too much outside noise indoors. - The existing wallpaper, interior paint, or flooring looks prematurely faded. Having windows replaced so soon after youve purchased a house isnt easy on the pocket, but it will save you money throughout your stay and add to the propertys overall value. PART 2: DO YOU NEED REPLACEMENT WINDOWS?
  4. 4. The Replacement Windows Pay for Themselves Debate This is a point of contention for many. Some contractors claim you can recoup the cost of replacement windows in as little as three to five years, which may sound too good to be true. But... So going back to the question of whether or not you need replacement windows, well add a third no scenario: if you dont know for a fact that youll be living in the house for at least five years, it may be wise to pass on the project. Keep in mind, however, that the recoup dynamics can be quite different once you factor in potential resale value. If you think that replacement windows are a definite go, stick around for Part Three, where well talk about how to choose the right contractor for the job. PART 2: DO YOU NEED REPLACEMENT WINDOWS?
  5. 5. So its time to retire your old windows and get replacements, but youre not sure how to go about it. Youre not alone. Many homeowners have no idea where to start or whom to consult once they realize their windows are nearing the end of their service life. Call a Professional When you start searching for contractors offering window replacement services, youre bound to encounter two types of companies. First is the small to mid-size local business certified to installaspecificbrandofwindows.Secondisthelargemanufacturer operating multiple locations nationwide. Below is a list of things youll want to do before making a hiring decision: - Do some research to to get an idea of the average cost of replacement windows where you live. - Dont commit to a price just yet. Sit on it and see if you can negotiate a lower price with the candidate contractor. - Ask to see proof of manufacturer certifications, state licenses, trade association memberships, and other credentials mentioned on their website. - Check to see if the contractor is fully insured and bonded. - Ask for references and make an effort to check up on them. - Ask if they conduct regular trainings. PART 3: WHO SHOULD REPLACE YOUR WINDOWS?
  6. 6. Thislistisnowherenearall-inclusive.Youllalsowanttoaskquestions aboutmaterials,warranties,scheduling,andpaymentandfinancing, to name a few. But the care you put into hiring will pay off in the form of value and quality. Ifyoudotheinitiallegwork,youllbeabletofindandhireanexcellent window replacement company. Then you can just sit back and let them do the job for you while you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that youre in good hands. PART 3: WHO SHOULD REPLACE YOUR WINDOWS?
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