the new māori and māori health

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The New Māori and Māori Health. Professor Chris Cunningham Research Centre for Māori Health & Development Massey University @ Wellington. Overview. Defining Māori is a non-trivial exercise Hauora, health, cultural identity – “M-factor” The “New Māori” framework. Defining Māori. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The New Mori and Mori HealthProfessor Chris CunninghamResearch Centre for Mori Health & DevelopmentMassey University @ Wellington

  • Overview Defining Mori is a non-trivial exerciseHauora, health, cultural identity M-factorThe New Mori framework

  • Defining Mori Race/ethnicityI define youYou define youTreaty relationshipDescent from a signatoryCulturalLook, think and operate as Mori

  • Standards for Ethnicity

  • He Kainga OrangaMori respondentsSame questionnaire scheduleSame interviewersSame environment18% ethnic migration

  • Treaty of Waitangithe only thing that matters is that the Treaty exists

    Relationship NOT partnershipParties NOT partnersDescent

  • EthnicityPhenomenon of ethnicityCategorisation for measurement purposes

  • InequalitiesACCEPTABLE

    Male/female life expectancyOlder/younger people outcomesUNACCEPTABLE


  • Te Hoe Nuku Roa Best OutcomesEstablished 1993Some 500 households, 1500 individual MoriSurvey at 3 yearly intervals80-90% retention rate

  • Mori identity indicators/qualitiesTe reo MoriMaraeWhakapapaPolitical identityMori ethnicityCultural identityIwiWhnau ValueParticipationKnowledgeExpressionPreferenceKnowledge/practiceKnowledge/practiceContribution

  • Mori indicators and itemsTe reo Mori

    Te Reo Mori is an important language for me

  • Mori indicators and itemsMarae

    I have a high level of comfort participating in activities at marae

  • Mori indicators and itemsWhakapapa

    I can recite more than three generations of my Mori whakapapa

  • Mori indicators and itemsPolitical identity

    The Mori electoral roll should continue as one way of recognising Mori rights

    Mori development should be parallel to the development of NZ generally

  • Mori indicators and itemsMori ethnic identity

    I prefer to identify only as Maori

    I prefer to include Mori as one of my ethnic groups

  • Mori indicators and itemsCulture

    It is important for Mori children to feel confident about Mori culture

    Mori and Pakeha are very alike

  • Mori indicators and itemsIwi

    I responded positively to the Tuhono initiative

    I know my iwi but they dont know me very well

  • Mori indicators and itemsWhnau

    I interact with my whnau as frequently as possible

    I prefer to associate mostly with Mori people

  • Item Response TheoryCan reduce these items from 8 to 2-4Can predict responses to other questions

  • Indigenousbeing born in a placeolder indigenous group versus younger indigenous groupFlora and fauna and people treated differentlyWorldview

  • Indigenous WorldviewAll creation is spirit

    Western versus Eastern versus Indigenous Integral association with nature/land

  • Hauora and healthMODELSWhare Tapa Wha (M Durie)Wheke (RR Pere)Nga Pou Mana (RCSP)Waiora (S Palmer)


  • Diverse Mori Realities

  • Tibble Continuum

  • The New Maori

  • SummaryDefining Mori is a non-trivial exerciseThe Treaty exists / relationship / partiesHauora is not the Mori word for healthEthnicity is part of your identity it is NOT your identityPerfecting ethnicity question is a holy grailMori identity : continuous measurable traitNew Mori includes an increasingly pluralistic group

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