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  • MaressThe New Refrigerated Multideck for Leading Discounters

    Economical and environmental

    High footprint productivity

    Sophisticated solutions

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    Economy wins with perfect performanceRefrigerated multidecks such as Maress

    are like a good suit: in themselves reserved

    and attractive, they show whats inside in

    the best possible light. Of course modern

    cooling systems are a lot more complex

    than suits and therefore offer more scope

    Economically strongEcologically aware

    Environmental awareness through technological innovationIn discount stores, energy is just a

    means to an end. After all, stores dont

    sell cooling, lighting or heating. So for

    economic and above all ecological reasons

    retail energy consumption must be kept to

    a minimum.

    By installing the Maress, the new

    generation of refrigerated multidecks

    from Carrier, discounters can operate in a

    Efficient and sustainable Double air curtains using returned

    refrigerated air together with cooling

    channels in the bottom display deck

    improve refrigeration performance.

    Energy-saving lighting and EC fans plus

    electronic ballasts reduce electricity


    Maress slashes refrigeration needs by as

    much as 17 %* and lowers energy

    consumption by up to 21 %*.

    Optional night blinds help combat

    energy losses.

    Remote monitoring to ensure operating

    conditions stay optimal.

    Functional and durable Maress was especially developed for

    the discount stores format.

    Maress is especially robust and

    customer friendly.

    An enlarged interior enhances

    merchandise impact.

    Ergonomics combine with a restrained

    and premium design.

    An extremely narrow front increases

    the display area.

    Refined shelf solutions support the latest

    in shelf-space optimisation programmes.

    Numbered shelf brackets ease cabinet


    profitable, yet green, way. Thereby showing

    their responsibility for the environment.

    Maress offers an overall energy-efficient

    package. The key points are a higher

    evaporating temperature, optimised air

    management, energy efficient lighting

    (LED as an option), EC fans, electronic

    ballasts and optional automatic night

    blinds. In active operation, the returned-

    air dual air curtain, together with special

    cooling channels in the bottom display

    deck, improves refrigeration performance.

    Designed especially for discount stores,

    Maress remote cabinets reduce refrigeration

    needs by as much as 17 % and lower

    energy consumption by up to 21 %.

    Maress presents a universe of fresh

    food products in a most ecological and

    appealing way.

    * Figures based on the refrigeration tests conducted at the Carriers Lead Design Centre under certified conditions, comparing current equivalent E5 cabinets (Maxis 82) with Maress.

    for technical innovation with each new

    generation. The Maress remote multideck

    from Carrier demonstrates what modern

    refrigeration technology can deliver today.

    A large-volume display area offers maximum

    productivity per unit floor space coupled

    with low operating costs.

    New possibilities unfold in the interplay

    between ergonomically sophisticated details

    and pure styling. Just how well designed

    the new Maress is can be seen in its

    technical refinements. An extremely low

    front, uprights with shelf bracket numbering,

    intelligently subdivided display shelves and

    optimised light dissemination.

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    Simply cleverly cooled

    EconomicalWhen it comes to energy, less really

    is more. Out of responsibility for the

    environment, the Maress slashes

    refrigeration needs and energy

    consumption per product facing area.

    The efficient lighting, energy-saving fans

    and electronic ballasts lower the power

    consumption. The optimized refrigeration

    performance comes from the combination

    of dual air curtain technology with newly

    developed cooling channels that bring cold

    air right into the bottom display deck.

    AppealingThe star is the merchandise. With its restrained

    design Maress moves the food to the fore

    of customer perception. Its superior and

    harmonious look upgrades the sales area.

    RobustThe Maress 82 is extremely sturdy. The

    bottom display deck can bear up to 1,000

    kg/m2 and also cope with very high product

    stacking. The three-part rear air baffle lends

    additional stability even when shelves have to

    be piled high with products.

    EnlightenedBringing products into the light: the new

    reflector design ensures optimal illumination

    of goods. Maress Remote Display cabinets

    put products in the limelight, thereby making

    them the star of the show.

    FlexibleTime is saved with sophisticated solutions.

    The new refrigerated multideck generation

    from Carrier with numbered uprights in steps

    of 5 ensures fast and flexible shelf filling. The

    25 mm intervals offer up to six additional

    display positions.

    RefinedThe return air grid also acts as a

    pricing rail in order that pricing information

    is placed as close to products as

    possible. Additionally, it improves

    temperature safety by stopping products

    from obstructing the air flow.

    Carriers revolutionary air-management

    system controls product temperature

    and saves energy.

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    Performance, right down the line

    As efficient as a modern refrigerated multideckThe new Maress-R brings a breakthrough

    in the refrigerated roll-in cabinet class. This

    is due to the optimally adjusted temperature

    distribution, together with improved power

    input. Intelligent technology deployment

    moves the modern roll-in cabinet from

    Carrier into the efficiency range of bottom-

    insulated refrigerated multidecks. With

    Maress-R, products presented in roll-in

    containers or on Euro pallets are always in

    the optimal temperature range.

    Thanks to the latest patent pending Carrier

    technology, Maress-R works with the same

    energy input as a modern refrigerated

    multideck. Compared with the previous

    generation of roll-in cabinets, the new Carrier

    class reduces refrigeration load and energy

    consumption in an impressive manner.

    Simply the better wayThe basis for the revolutionary step is laid by

    Maress-R with its optimised dual air curtain

    on a return air basis. A homogeneous

    airflow circulates around roll-in containers

    and Euro pallets and significantly improves

    refrigeration performance. Ideally planned

    flow paths conduct the cooling air by the

    fastest route to the depths of the display

    compartment, while ensuring optimal

    temperature screening from the outside air.

    Temperature StabilityIn spite of the open bottom, Maress-R

    operates at the same evaporating

    temperature and delivers the same level

    of temperature stability as its bottom-

    insulated counterpart. This is made

    possible by the optimisation of Carriers

    dual air curtain on a return air basis


    Energy-efficientThe power-saving lighting, EC fans

    and electronic ballasts lower the power

    consumption. Intelligent cooling air flow

    paths yield a crucial performance boost with

    minimized energy inputs as in the Maress

    open refrigerated multideck.

    Future-proofMaress-R is extremely adaptable and

    flexible. The roll-in cabinet is easily

    converted with an optional accessory kit

    into a refrigerated multideck. This enables

    discounter stores to keep up with events

    whenever requirements change.

    Ultimate in stocking efficiencyMaress-Rs liftable front mechanism

    enables near effortless stocking of heavy

    staked goods either when on Euro

    pallets or in trolleys. Both front and back

    lifting mechanisms are available, giving

    merchandisers additional flexibility.

  • 8 I Maress Maress I 9Maress I 9

    Seeing is believing

    Trust generates sales successAnyone buying meat and sensitive food

    products buys them not only for their

    flavour but also their freshness. So

    refrigerated multidecks with hinged doors

    need to fullfill a number of requirements:

    The new Carrier Glassdoor multideck

    saves energy, has very robust and long

    lasting doors, is easy to stock and enables

    easy product selection and ultimately

    keeps products fresher longer.

    Ergonomic and access-active The Maress 82-GD presents meat in a

    distinctive and appealing way.

    Minced meat, too, stays fresh longer.

    Easy-access hinged doors simplify the

    withdrawal of merchandise.

    Large frameless glass surfaces offer

    excellent product visibility.

    Thermopane glass ensures low energy


    Extra sensitive kept super-safeMaress GD was developed especially for

    the discount store. It is ideally suitable for

    meat products and also keeps minced meat

    fresh longer. With the Maress GD, premium

    products are shown at their best.

    Strong performanceCarriers state of the art refrigeration

    technology will keep even industriall


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