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The Ninilchik Natives Assoc.

PO Box 39130

Ninilchik, AK 99639

The Ninilchik Natives Association, Inc.

The Ninilchik Natives Association, Inc. Winter 2014


Our office is here to help. If you

would like us to provide you with

Corporate Information, please

submit your written requests via

post, fax or e-mail, and we will

be happy to respond.

When we have received returned mail marked

Undeliverable due to a change of addresses, or

name that has not been recorded with us, we con-

sider them as missing.

If you have any information on how we can contact

them, please contact our office at (907) 567-3866.



A Message from the President

Land / Resources 2013 Review

Grand Opening-Ninilchik Store

Shareholder Updates

Holiday Celebrations

Address Change

Contact Us


In this Issue

Missing Shareholders











Printed on page 12 is a name/

address form.

If you are moving please fill it out

and send it to our office. We cannot

update our records without your sig-


This will allow us to keep you up to

date in our records so you wont miss

out on anything!

Please contact us for other forms

such as Gifting, Stock Wills and

Name Changes.

Address Change Form

Blake Arnold Beatty

Jeremy Leon Butrick

Justin Hatton

Aladean Marey

Debra Anne Steik

Beverly Cooper Weston

David C. Weston

Thor Cooper Williamson

Cover Photo Eternal Promise Was taken by Shareholder Zoya Oskolkoff on Au-

gust 29, 2013 at the Ninilchik Russian Orthodox


The Ninilchik Natives Association, Inc. Winter 2014


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February 14th

BOD Meeting

March 29th, 10:00am

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BOD Held a Working Session

January 25th, 2013

At the NNAI office

Closed for Presidents Day

February 17th

The Ninilchik Natives Association, Inc. Winter 2014


A Message From The President

The following is an overview of ongoing activities at NNAI. If you have any questions or concerns please

let me know, 907-398-0884.

Ninilchik General Store (NGS): As reported in the last newsletter, NNAI has partnered with the very

successful UCI/Sea Lion Village Corporation, and is now the co-owner of the Ninilchik General Store

Facility. It had a very successful grand opening and is now called Ninilchik Trading Co. NNAI will

soon see a small return on our investment. There is also a possibility of a new hardware store

opening in NNAIs building next to the office.

Ninilchik Traditional Council (NTC): We are continuing our efforts with NTC and are conducting scoping

meetings to see what benefits we can contribute to each other.

Real Estate: We are in the process of selling one of the Northern Solitude lots to NTC for one of their

H.U.D. projects. Land sales on a whole have been extremely low. The board is looking at financing

opportunities for the construction of roads and drive ways for Tikahtnu Heights subdivision; this

would help with sales as presently there is no access.

White Mountain: White Mountain continues to bid on new contracts. The Board of Directors is cur-

rently looking at all options for White Mountain. This past year White Mountain had a very low re-

turn on the few contracts it was awarded. NNAI is analyzing the possibility of increasing the

amount White Mountain bids and/or the possibility of selling the company. NNAI no longer has a

preferred status under the 8(a) program, therefore profits are limited.

Susitna /Watana Dam: All CIRI village corporation land owners, such as NNAI, are members of a joint

working group to ensure proper permitting and use of Native land. We held meetings and have

agreed on a universal permit and fee structure. Cook Inlet Villages are currently waiting on the final

signatures from the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) and CIRI for the indemnification of the project,

as well as the payment that could potentially bring revenue to NNAI.

Gravel: NNAI continues to work with CIRI on potential gravel sales. We have completed testing and

permit checks for our NNAI pits to supply upcoming summer projects.

January 2014

The Ninilchik Natives Association, Inc. Winter 2014


A Message From The President

Oil and Gas Development: There continues to be development in the Ninilchik area however, it is

mostly centered on private land. There is potential for involvement by NNAI in a new drill pad be-

ing built this summer in the Happy Valley unit (Oil Well Road out of Ninilchik). This project will re-

quire gravel resources that NNAI hopes to provide.

Further Investments: NNAIs Board of Directors continues to look for more business ventures. The

challenge is the lack of capital, although we do have a few projects on the table. We are under

capitalized and cash poor. We need to partner or finance to make profitable ventures a reality.

Economic Summit: January 23, 2014 I attended the winter meeting for the Tikahtnu Forum. All CIRI

villages, tribes, and corporations, as well as CIRI gave updates on their business ventures. There

have been two CIRI Village Economic Summits to date and the next one will be moved to May to

focus on possible business ventures between the native corporations.

NCAI Powwow: This year Alaska will host the National Conference of American Indians (NCAI) with a

powwow in Eklutna June 8th-11th, 2014. Over 200 lower 48 tribes, as well as 229 Alaskan tribes and

many other Native entities, will all be meeting in Alaska. This will be a huge event, a true once in a

life time experience and a great honor for our Alaskan tribes and Native Organizations.

Upgrades/Updates: In the upcoming months please look for our updated website. We plan to go live

the first of March. Look for future meeting dates, minutes, current events, financial updates and

shareholder forms. There has been a lot of office work done catching up on old estates and share-

holder records. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Best regards,

Richard Greg Encelewski, NNAI President

The Ninilchik Natives Association, Inc. Winter 2014



Over this year of operations, NNAI has had the opportunity to bring closure to a number of out-standing land and resource issues, as well as to develop new ventures and agreements which have brought about new revenue and partnering options with both immediate and long range benefits.

The following is a quick summary of a number of the achievements that we have been fortunate to realize in 2013.


NNAI met all of its final required actions that made complete our

ANCSA section 12(a) original entitlements, and deeds granting these

lands to NNAI received by your corporation during 2013.

ANCSA 12(b) LAND CONVEYANCES NNAI also completed our final land selections under section 12(b) of

the Act, and also received reconveyance deeds for these lands

(totaling over 53,000. acres) on March 01, of 2013.


Also in 2013, following receipt of deeds for NNAI 12b lands, the cor-

poration completed selection decisions and fulfilled our only remain-ing land entitlement issue which was the reconveyance of adjust-

ment acreage back to CIRI as required under the 1986 Lake Clark

Land Exchange Agreement.


With NNAI receiving a significant portion of its ANCSA 12(b) land entitlements within the Talkeetna Mountains region of Alaska, new

possible revenue producing opportunities are beginning to be pre-

sented. NNAI, throughout 2013, has participated as an active mem-

ber of an alliance of Cook Inlet Villages that are presently consider-

ing revenue producing options that could result from a proposed

dam-site project along the Susitna River at Watana Creek. OIL & GAS PARTNERING