The Odyssey Scavenger Hunt - Farmington High ?· The Odyssey Scavenger Hunt ... Since Odysseus is the…

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<ul><li><p>The Odyssey Scavenger Hunt </p><p>Visit the following sites to gather the information needed for this Scavenger Hunt. Have fun and good luck! </p><p>#1: </p><p>Visit this site to find out about life in Ancient Greece. Collect the following information: </p><p>1. It is believed that Homer was blind. Find out a little about medicine during his time. Explain what two methods were used to take care of a patient who supposedly had too much blood. </p><p>2. Check out the clothing of the time. What did women wear? What did men wear? 3. Explore the food of the time. How did ancient Greeks feel about meat? </p><p> #2: </p><p> Since Athena was Odysseuss patron Goddess, visit this site to find out a little more about her. </p><p>1. Read the background information on Athena. What was her gift to the city? </p><p>#3: </p><p> Lets find out a little bit about Homers life. Visit this site to gather info about who he was. </p><p>1. There are several theories regarding Homers existence. Read the One Homer Theory. What character in The Odyssey might be Homers self-portrayal? </p><p>2. What is a many Homers theory? </p><p>#4: </p><p>Since Odysseus is the King of Ithaca, take a look at his homeland and answer these: </p><p>1. How did the island get its name? 2. What tiny island is off the southern coast? </p><p> #5: </p><p> Now for a few questions about our Epic. </p></li><li><p> 1. Who uncovered the fact that Odysseus was faking his madness? What happened to him </p><p>as a result? 2. What happens in Book 13? Summarize in two sentences. </p><p> House #6: </p><p> Now for some fun. Visit this site and take the quiz. On your paper, write the answers to the nine questions. Then write the results of your quiz. Do you agree with the results or not? Why or why not? Now to truly challenge your search skills, find related search engines and websites to answer the following questions. Step 1: Lets look at Odysseuss travels: </p><p>1. Look for the map of Odysseuss journey and draw a rough sketch of this map below, labeling his stops in numerical order. Make sure each stop is identified. (Hint: There should be EIGHT stops.) </p><p> Step 2: Lets look at Odysseus the hero: </p><p>1. List three positive qualities of Odysseus - </p><p>- </p><p>- </p><p> 2. List two of Odysseuss weaknesses - </p><p> - </p></li></ul>


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