The Operating Model That is Eating the World

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Today's fastest-growing, most profoundly impactful companies are using a completely different operating model. We refer to this model as The Responsive Operating System, and we think it'll change the world.


<ul><li>THE OPERATING MODEL THAT IS EATING THE WORLD </li><li>TODAYS DOMINANT VIDEO SERVICE IS A DIGITAL COMPANY. GOOGLE SEARCHES OVER TIME NETFLIX BLOCKBUSTER 2004 2013 </li><li>TODAYS DOMINANT MUSIC SERVICE IS A DIGITAL COMPANY. GOOGLE SEARCHES OVER TIME ITUNES TOWER RECORDS 2004 2013 </li><li>TOP PERFORMING AUTO STOCK? DIGITAL COMPANY. </li><li>DIRECT MARKETING, GAMING, RECRUITING, TELECOM, AND RETAIL? ! DIGITAL COMPANIES. </li><li>TODAYS FASTEST GROWING, MOST PROFOUNDLY IMPACTFUL COMPANIES ARE USING A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT OPERATING MODEL </li><li>THE RESPONSIVE OPERATING SYSTEM VISIONARY A new value set. VS. COMMERCIAL LEAN EMERGENT VS. LARGE VS. CONTROLLED OPEN VS. CLOSED Expressed across multiple dimensions of an organization. PURPOSE LEARNING VS. SUSTAINING PROCESS PEOPLE PRODUCT PLATFORM </li><li>VISIONARY vs. COMMERCIAL ! ! Responsive companies approach their work with a long-term, ambitious view to everything from employee experience, to market position, to impact. </li><li>LEAN vs. LARGE ! ! Responsive companies have a bias toward simplicity and leanness, in service of speed, understanding, and resourcefulness. </li><li>LEARNING vs. SUSTAINING ! ! Responsive companies focus on learning and improvement as their primary driver in operations and innovation, as opposed to preserving/protecting status quo. </li><li>EMERGENT vs. CONTROLLED ! ! Responsive companies accept the idea that things should be uid, that they should serve the business based on circumstance, and that what works will shape/reveal itself. </li><li>OPEN vs. CLOSED ! ! Responsive companies favor highly networked conguration resulting in increased transparency and information ow, for both internal and external audiences, partners, and communities. </li><li>ADVENTURES IN OS TRANSFORMATION </li></ul>