the oxford transplant nurses’ blog: current awareness for specialists

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Supporting the NHS. The Oxford Transplant Nurses’ Blog: Current Awareness for Specialists. Eli Bastin - Bodleian Health Care Libraries 13 June 2011 ICL 2011. Overview of presentation:. The readers’ request… The blog The future. BHCL Outreach Team. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The Oxford Transplant Nurses Blog: Current Awareness for Specialists

    Eli Bastin - Bodleian Health Care Libraries 13 June 2011ICL 2011Supporting the NHS

  • Overview of presentation:

    The readers requestThe blogThe future

  • BHCL Outreach Team

  • My initial email to Claire

  • Claires reply

  • Shirley

  • Team Meeting

  • Is a blog an effective tool for this purpose?

  • Pros and consReferences:Sapp, L. and K. Cogdill (2010). "Blogging in support of health information outreach." Medical Reference Services Quarterly 29(3): 240-8.Kraft, M. A. (2006). "The use of blogs in medical libraries." Journal of Hospital Librarianship 6(1): 1-13.Blogging Pros and Cons. Available from [accessed 27/05/11] Pros and Cons of Blogging. Available from [accessed 27/05/11]

    ProsConsFREE!Time-consuming to write and maintain (3)Quickly distribute information (1)Got to keep updating the blog to maintain interest (3)Dont have to present information in context of the librarys website [formatting freedom!] (1)Writing a successful blog is difficult! (4)Content archived automatically with most recent post displaying first (1, 2)Search engines scan them = readers can find them! (3)Comments functionality (2)

  • Quick word about nurses blogsFor example:

  • Updating the blog (Dec 10-May 11)RSS feeds from PubMed searches for LRD, SPK and transplant-related systematic reviewsClinical Trials RSS feeds for all transplant-related trials infoCollect my RSS feeds in Google Reader Check feeds twice a week and update the blog with relevant links

  • Shirley promoted the blog to colleagues!Eli Just a thought -can outsiders external to the trust see or access this blog? I would like to give the site address to nurses and consultants from Bristol, Dorset, Portsmouth,etc ShirleyEli I am getting very positive feedback on this-alerts on any trials would be fab as well-what we should do is maybe review in 6 months as to what people are finding useful? Many thanks for this! Shirley

  • Why I created the Oxford Transplant Nurses Information blogContacted December 2010 by transplant nurses wanting help with current awarenessRealised that they wanted a way of keeping a group of transplant nurses updated with the latest evidence for different subjectsPrevious experience of blogging from participating in Oxford 23 things project last yearColleagues sowed the seeds!

  • April 2011: Time for another discussion with colleagues

  • Emails to Claire and Shirley!Dear Claire and Shirley,Is the blog still useful? Can it be improved?Im going to give a presentation to other clinical/medical/outreach librarians in June about the blog, and it would be good at this point to review what weve got so far and evaluate whether it is fit for your purposes:Are you looking at the blog on a regular basis? Once a week or once a month?Is the information adequate or can you think of other information that I can include in the blog posts which would be useful to you in your work?Is the information provided clearly enough for you?Is there a department intranet or a handbook (or equivalent) given to new staff that can include the link to the blog as a way of helping staff to keep up to date?Finally Can you please give me a list of your favourite journals? I can create a post about how to access the journals to get the articles in full text if you think that would be useful!Do please get in touch if you have any other library-related needs, such as literature searches to request or any database training needs. Many thanks,Eli

  • Shirleys replyHiYes this is v useful still-I am accessing it about once a month.I think I and we need to publish it further as I know that other services were asking me about it.The info is very useful!Let me have a think about journals!The tx physicians use it and the surgeons(how often I am not sure)Keep it going if possShirley

  • Claires replyHi EliPerhaps we could meet up and chat about this and some ideas I have for developing the blog to represent the whole of the renal, transplant and urology unit? But yes, I find it useful and make a point to access it each month to see what is there. There is a link to the blog from the renal and transplant intranet site.For the other questions, perhaps it would be an idea to invite you into the unit to meet some of the staff and discuss their needs. We have just started a master class for the senior/specialist nursing staff across the unit that runs twice a month on the first Tuesday and the third Wednesday. If you are happy with this we could arrange a date.Many thanks, Claire

  • Meeting with Claire

  • Latest developments: New inclusion/exclusion criteria

  • Trialling the new-look blog

  • Next steps: EvaluationMay/June survey the transplant nurses to see if they are using the blog, do they find it useful?A few teething problems with the Comments functionality on the blogKeep asking Claire, Shirley et al to promote the blog to colleagues, and tell me if it is useful!

  • Please contact me with thoughts, suggestions, criticisms, ideas:

    [email protected]

    Tel: 01865 289383

  • Thoughts?