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  • On Wednesday 17th of

    January, Joy Lane had a

    Times Table Rock Stars’

    roadshow. This is how it

    works… each class in the

    s c h o o l ( e x c e p t f o r

    Reception and Nursery)

    had to pick the smartest

    person in their class to go up to the

    front of assembly and say the

    answers to the multiplications

    whilst Mr Rogers called out the

    questions. There were three

    children from Year 1,

    three from Year 3, two

    from Year 4, three from

    Year 5 and two from

    Year 6. There was also

    a teacher round - in the

    finals for the teachers

    were Mrs Manson and

    Mrs Willis. The winner was Mrs

    Willis. The winners for the

    children were Agnes for Years 1

    and 2, Harvey for Years 3 and 4 and

    finally Toby for Years 5 and 6.

    By mermaid magic

    The Oystercatcher

    Times Table Rock Star Roadshow

    Thursday 14th February 2019

    Issue 25

    The Snack Shack and the

    Eco-Brick The Snack Shack is now using

    its plastic packaging to make

    Eco-Bricks. Don’t worry if you

    don’t know what an Eco-Brick

    is as I will explain.

    An Eco-Brick is the perfect solution to plastic

    pollution. It is a two-litre plastic bottle filled with

    dry, used plastic carefully compacted into a dense

    brick. It is a very simple concept: you put all your

    plastic packaging into the bottle and compact it

    using a spoon or stick (if it’s wooden be careful

    not to snap it). We are aiming to make 100 so we

    can assemble a flower bed.

    If you would like to make your own Eco–Brick,

    you will need a plastic two-litre bottle and all your

    plastic waste. Also, you must make sure the

    plastic has not got any liquids like yoghurt on it as

    the yoghurt will ferment and the bottle will

    explode! All you need to do now is start collecting

    and compacting your plastic waste. After a short

    amount of time (depending on how much plastic

    you have), you will have made your very own Eco

    –Brick. By Eco Unicorn

    Daily Dance The world is changing and so is Joy Lane! For the winter period, the Daily Mile has been replaced with the Daily Dance. Originally the Daily Dance was just for rainy days, but now it is a fully fledged operation!

    The most popular dances include: Swish Swish, Timber (see photo) and Sugar. Mr Malkinson says, “I love it! It is very fun to dance around and be silly.” Although a new favourite has emerged, Rasputin (a Russian style squat-kick dance), the Daily Dance has received many great reactions and even some of the teachers like to join in! By Swishy Boi

    Year 6 prefects with

    the first Eco Brick

  • Dali Class Assembly

    The Kent Wildlife Trust is sending

    around 200 knitted and crocheted

    marine animals and plants on tour

    across the county. From an octopus to

    a turtle, the display has been knitted

    and crocheted by staff and volunteers

    as part of the Guardians of the Deep

    project. This magical display is

    amazing and educational too. Woolly

    Watery World inspires people to start

    reducing plastic and make good

    choices about this. If you would like to

    go and see this display for yourself, it

    will be at Riverside Country Park in

    Gillingham until the end of February,

    and then it will move to the Isle of

    Sheppey from the start of March.

    By Mermaid Magic

    Woolly Watery World!

    Dali class assembly was all about Theseus and

    the Minotaur, Through the Keyhole and Who

    lives on a Cloud like This presented by Nancy

    Lemon. Their contestants were Hera (goddess

    of marriage), Hades (god of the underworld)

    and Aphrodite (goddess of love). Theseus and

    the minotaur was very funny because nearly

    on every slideshow, there was a small clip of

    music from Mamma Mia the movie. The Dali

    class teachers are Miss Gillmore and Mrs



    Year 5 & 6 Indoor Athletics

    Competition at Herne Bay High


    Joy Lane Primary School set off

    to go to Herne Bay High at about

    1 o’clock. Once we had arrived at

    Herne Bay High, we entered the

    hall and about half an hour later

    the first Joy Lane race occurred,

    which was a girls’ race.

    Later, we went into the sports

    hall for the field events. We did

    well on all of these, including the

    javelin, long jump, high jump and

    medicine ball.

    After this, we competed in an

    obstacle race followed by a relay

    race with a bean bag, then an up

    and under race where you had to

    go over a hurdle and

    through a hoop.

    Altogether, Joy Lane

    came joint eighth out

    of 15 schools. Well

    done JLPS!

    In January, a well-known competition took

    place in all parts of the world and one of the

    most competitive year groups (Year 4) of Joy

    Lane Primary School took part. They went

    through different stages of their product such

    as designing, creating, advertising and

    presenting. Three winners from each of the

    three classes were chosen to present their

    product to the rest of their year group and the

    teachers of Year 4 chose the winning product

    for the year. The chosen ones were a group of

    three children called Will, Lola and Holly.

    Will stated, “I personally think everybody in

    the world should buy it.”

    40 Engineering Fails 40 Engineering Fails is a video that you can find

    on YouTube. This video is all about the fails in

    engineering, from doors set high up in the wall

    to slides ending in a pit. They are all funny, and

    you’ll find yourself laughing non stop. I would

    recommend this video to anyone who likes a

    laugh as it is very enjoyable and will put a smile

    on your face. By Brother Susan


    GODDESSES There are lots of different

    Greek gods and goddesses

    like Poseidon, who is the god

    of the sea, Zeus (the god of

    the sky), Athena, who is the

    goddess of wisdom, courage,

    inspiration, civilisation, law

    and just ice , warfare,

    mathematics, skill, strength,

    strategy and arts and crafts.


    Zeus is the god of the sky,

    and he is the ruler of Mount

    Olympus. He is the son of

    Cronus and Rhea and is the

    brother of Poseidon and

    Hades. Zeus became god of

    the sea after a fight with his

    father, Cronus.


    Poseidon is the god of the sea

    and he and Medusa

    conceived the flying horse

    [Pegasus] and it was born

    from Medusa’s blood. He is

    son of Cronus and Rhea and

    was brother of Zeus and



    Athena is goddess of wisdom,

    c o u r a g e , i n s p i r a t i o n ,

    civilisation, law and justice,

    warfare, mathematics, skill,

    strength, strategy and arts

    and crafts. She invented the

    flute, but never played it,

    and she was born from Zeus

    and was Zeus’s favourite



    Plastic Pollution Plastic is a problem at the moment because it is

    floating into the sea and animals are being killed by

    it. If we do not do anything about it, then we might

    end up with more plastic in the ocean than sea

    creatures. To help save sea life, you can go to the beach

    and pick up some plastic to put in the bin. Or you

    could use less plastic at home or even try to recycle it.

    By Zebs


    By Unicorn

    Why is plastic such a problem in our oceans? Plastic is a very big problem in our oceans because fish

    might mistake it for food.

    It might not be plastic - it might be a fish net because

    seals can’t move back so they swim into fish nets and get

    stuck. Then they grow and over time their neck gets

    bigger, and it suffocates them. There are many ways we

    can stop this such as go on beach cleans or just take a

    moment to locate the nearest bin and just put our rubbish

    in the bin. Or go online and find

    some websites that might tell you

    some other ways to keep our oceans

    plastic free.

    By SavageChicken43

  • The Robot that plays


    Have you ever heard of a

    robot that plays jenga?

    Well researchers at the

    U S U n i v e r s i t y o f

    Massachusetts, Institute

    of Technology have

    created just that .

    Normally robots analyse

    huge sets of data to

    decide what their next

    move should be but this

    one combines vision and



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