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  • What is this..?

    A strong social media strategy is the difference between a small garden you can make salads with, to a farm

    that bears enough fruit to feed your company.

    This is a simplified keynote of the methods a company can use to start building a

    strategy that yields results.

    This is just the foundation.. you add to it from here.

  • 1Client GoalsWhat do you wish to achieve?

  • Brand Awareness

    Brand awareness help others notice your brand and the conversation it brings to the table

    Effectively, its really about Top-Of-Mind marketing, where someone thinks of your brand when a product or service is needed

    Being a part of a potential clients feed allows you to be present in their daily conversation

  • Community Building

    Community is the true currency you are trying to attain

    A community can advocate on your behalf, engages you and each other and embeds your brand into their language

    You would rather have 100 engaged followers than 1000 likes. Likes mean nothing is no one is talking

  • Thought Leadership

    What do you have of value to add to the conversation? You have your expertise, this is your thought leadership

    Using different mediums to express your opinion and expertise is what gives you content ie. Infographic, Whitepapers, Blogposts

    Giving the community something of value is what makes people share your content

  • Drive Traffic

    Where do you want your posts to lead to? Your website of course!

    If your website has a good sales funnel, driving traffic should be one of your goals, which can in turn lead to conversions

    Honestly, who doesnt like seeing their Google Analytics numbers go higher and higher?

  • Choose 3 of the above goals and focus on them individually, building over time, a cohesive idea of how they interweave.

    Of course you want all of the above, but narrowing down your goals will help in creating a REALISTIC strategy that

    you can maintain.

    After all, what good is a marketing strategy if you cant maintain it?

  • 2Persona ProfilesWho is your audience and what do they do?

  • Creating Persona Profiles

    Create profiles of your ideal clients that include:



    Job Description


    Likes & Dislikes

    This will help you determine which social channels this demographic uses most and ultimately, help you hone your message

    Proper Persona Profiles can help your marketing strategies on and offline

  • 3ChannelsWhich channels are worth your investment?

  • Choosing Your Channels

    There are over 800+ social media channels, so which do you choose?

    You choose the ones your target audience uses, hang out where they hang out.

    This is why we ask the questions:

    Who is your target audience?

    Where do they congregate?

    What do they talk about?

    What do they love?

    Creating Persona Profiles helps us narrow down the channels

  • Heres a sample of information for the 3 of the biggest social media channels, that of Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter.

    This is where you cross reference your persona profiles against the channels own demographics to find out

    if your audience uses them.

    As an example, if your ideal customers drive a Lexus, make $350k/ year and are over the age of 45, it may be safe

    to say that they dont hang out on Facebook much, most likely LinkedIn is your better bet.

  • Facebook

    Demographic: 58% Women

    Pros: Very Community Centric

    Benefits: Depending on your industry, most people will look for you on this channel first

    Users: 1.4Bn

  • LinkedIn

    Demographic: Business

    Pros: Direct B2B engagement

    Benefits: Real-World Network

    Users: 347m

  • Twitter

    Demographic: Mobile-Centric

    Pros: Perfect for Customer Service

    Benefits: Very Event-Oriented

    Users: 288m

  • 4Content StrategyWhat kind of content should you create?

  • Whitepaper

    A white paper is a piece of evergreen content which can be used over and over again

    It provides your expertise in more than just a bite-size format eg. How to build amazing abs in 5 steps.pdf

    You use it to build your email list, providing it in exchange for an email address

    Its the gift that keeps on giving because if its good, it will be shared

  • Infographic

    An infographic is also a piece of evergreen content

    It provides a visually appealing way to showcase statistics to make a specific point eg. How Millennials Use Social Media

    Good infographics make the rounds of the internet, great share ability

  • Blogposts

    Is the first step to establishing your expertise

    Consistency is key, keeping a scheduled blogpost is beneficial for your audience and for SEO purposes

    Helps drive traffic to your site because youre continuing to create fresh content to put out on your social channels

    Google LOVES seeing you create fresh content for your community, it helps with your SEO rankings

    Very cost effective. Minimum 300 words and an image is truly enough for most

  • Video

    Video is currently the medium of choice right now, consider it a powerhouse

    Doesnt matter if its not super professional, that human element is trusted more

    Good audio is key though

    Gives you an extra social channel to engage via YouTube (3 minutes), Instagram (30 seconds) or Vine (6 seconds)

    Length is key - see above

  • Images

    We are very visual creatures, so let a picture speak 1000 words

    You have 3-8 seconds to engage someone on social media, what do you think works best?

    Extremely easy content to create!

    Create a non-obtrusive watermark (bottom left or right corner) of your images for longer brand awareness when they make the rounds of the internet

    It also provides some comedy relief. People LOVE to laugh!

  • 5CultivateWhat are we growing here?

  • Cultivating an Audience

    A strong channel has great engagement, so how do you cultivate the right audience?

    Proper Persona Profiles

    Content that shares so others want to join in on the conversation

    Make them love you! Find out what your audience enjoys

  • Creating Engagement

    You have to give people a reason to follow you, and believe it or not, they dont really care about your special deals half the time

    Ask yourself why you follow certain brands?

    Some people really enjoy the behind the scenes of an agency, dont be afraid to show failures as well as successes

    Creating fun, enjoyable, education and informative content is the key to good engagement

    Engagement is what builds a community, so find unique ways to do so

    Above all, KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!

  • 6Marketing ObjectivesMeasure. Measure. Measure

  • Analytics

    If you cant measure it, it doesnt exist is a mantra you should consider

    Return on Investment (ROI) is a word you will love to hate

    Social Media is extremely measurable but..

    Some very important aspects cant really be measured, like the value of your community, why higher engagement is better for your bottom line

    Some of these metrics are hard to truly measure in dollars, but there are creative ways

  • Benchmark

    You have to start somewhere, so write down where you started with:


    New followers per day

    Posts per day

    Shares/ Retweets per day


    and any other metric you feel is important

    This helps you see your progress and set goals

    This also helps you see if what youre doing is working or if you should change it up

    Keeping tabs on your metrics also helps provide hard numbers to management






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  • We hope you found this slideshare informative, and that it helps you build a more coherent

    social media strategy.

    If you do like it, all we ask is that you share it, thus proving that good content finds

    a way around the internet.

    If you didnt like it, make it better. Create the good content you want to see.

    - The Octopus & Son Team