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Personal ASHUA Bracelet Emergency Medical Info

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  • Personal ASHUA Bracelet Emergency Medical Info

  • Atypical




  • Atypical genetically originated

    Haemolytic affects the blood

    Uremic affects kidneys

    Syndrome group of symptoms

    Atypical haemolytic uremic syndrome is a very rare, life threatening disease. A very serious disease, which can lead to death if not diagnosed and treated on time The main consequence is a constant risk of blood clots in the organs, specially kidneys although also liver, lungs or brain. Available now for a few years is the drug Eculizumab, which controls the uncontrolled activation of the complement system, the cause of the clots.

    What is aHUS?

  • in less than 48 h

    happens the


  • 65%




    The worst happen in less

    than 48 h 48h

    aHUS in numbers:

    65% of aHUS patients die, need constant dialysis or have permanent kidney failure within a year of diagnosis.

    6 out of every10 aHUS patients were diagnosed

    before turning 18 Some 200 people are affected in Spain, both adults and children

    Most aHUS patients who receive a renal transplant have a 90% chance of failure.

  • aHUS patients say

  • aHUS patients say

  • When there is an outbreak of the disease, a quick and correct diagnosis can avoid irreparable damage The personal bracelet offers detailed information on the patient and the medical team

    A personal bracelet, what for?

  • Even if one can talk, remembering your complete medical history can be difficult and also if you have to do it in a special vocabulary and language for all to understand. However, if we cannot talk , for example in an accident, any emergency team will identify the personal Bracelet which can talk on your behalf. With the bracelet, the medical team have access within a click through their smartphone or tablet to our whole clinical history.

    Our complete clinical history

    just a click away

  • All your medical information will be available to any team of doctors without prior explanation in Spain or anywhere in the world Your information in Spanish and English

    Works anytime, anywhere

  • The patient will be completely at ease knowing that the medical team will have completely understood his/her situation. The medical team will be able to act much faster, being able to diagnose and treat efficiently

  • Scan the QR code on the bracelet with a smartphone , tablet or connected computer. It works with all operational systems

    A QR Code (quick response code) is a very useful tool to backup

    How does it work?

  • En Espaol y en Ingls

    Who to call You can inform on who to contact in case of emergency : ! Family ! Friends ! Work ! Etc.

    Offers information on:

  • Who to consult Your reference Hospital and your doctors contact information, so that they can talk and discuss between professionals.

    You will always be safe !

    Offers information on:

  • Clear and concise information

    ! Clinical history number ! Health insurance number ! Blood type ! Allergies ! Disease diagnosis ! Medication All the information any medical team may require for a fast and precise diagnosis.

    Written by your Doctor

    For Doctors

  • How do I get my personal bracelet? The personal aHUS bracelet has been specifically designed for patients and members of ASHUA but also for those who are at risk of an outbreak of aHUS. !

    Contact us [email protected] for more information, we will take care of it all: ! Creation ! Activation ! Updates ! Etc.

  • At your service: [email protected]

    (+34) 667 766 179 Social media: