the personal side of starting up

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Talk delivered at Web Directions South 2012 in Sydney, Australia, on October 18, by Derek Powazek.


  • 1.the personal side ofstarting up Derek Powazek, CEO & Founder, @fraying

2. or: 55 minutes of contradictions,equivocations,& embarrassment.Derek Powazek, CEO & Founder, Cute-Fight @fraying 3. Hi, Im DerekIve been around. First web job: HotWired in 1995. Founder: Fray, JPG Magazine, 8020 Publishing, Pixish. Creative Director: Blogger/Pyra, Technorati, Collecta. Author: Design for Community (New Riders 2001). Consultant: Fertile Medium (Etsy, Tumblr, HP). Time traveler. 4. vicodin 5. And you are?And you are? 6. how Cute-Fight worksCreate your Win FAMEfighter PICK A FIGHT & FORTUNE* * Fortune not included 7. Dont do anything that aectsanything! Unless it turns outyou were supposed to do it,in which case, for the love ofGod, dont not do it! 8. Thats NotMy Job 9. Shut Up 10. Someones AlwaysListening 11. Launch It! 12. Whos the CEO? 13. I was wrong 14. WHY CEOsARE CRAZY 15. own your shit 16. Thank you.@cuteght


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