the pinterest effect - how businesses can use pinterest for marketing

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Pinterest came on the seen quick and rapidly grew to 10 million visitors a month in January 2012 while growing their user base to well of 40 million in 2012. This presentation review the growth of Pinterest and then provides businesses with actionable examples of how they can utilize Pinterest for their business and also includes several case studies.


2. @atrainePinterest (launched in March 2010) is a virtual pinboard that let's you bookmark to organize and share all the beautiful things you nd on the webYou can create your own pinboards and you can browse other people's boards as wellCore difference with Pinterest:It says Look at THIS, instead of Look at MEPINTEREST IS THE TWITTER OF 2012 3. @atraine Trafc grew by 429% from 9/11 through 12/11 to roughly 7.2 M in Dec. 2011 4. @atraine Broke the 10 Million mark in January 2012 becoming the fastest independent site to hit 10 M uniques/month in the U.S.Source:TechCrunch 5. @atraine Source: DOMO116% trafc growth in 2012 to 21.2M, 75% user growth 6. @atrainePercent of Pinterest usersthat are female 7. @atrainePercentage of Pinterest usersBetween 25-55 yrs oldSource: Mashable 8. @atrainePercentage of retail referring trafc Pinterest accounts forFacebook = 26.4%Twitter = 3.61%Source: Shareaholic 9. @atrainePinterest now the 4th largest organic trafc driver worldwide 10. @atraine Source: Bizrate 11. @atraine 12. @atraine 13. @atraineTravel companies and conferences companies use Pinterest to promote locations 14. @atraineAvalaunch Media uses Pinterest to highlight recent content marketingand infographic pieces 15. @atraineNORDSTROM uses Pinterest to highlight their fashion lines 16. @atraineUtah based ZAGG features products, gadgets, other related things 17. @atraineGifts for Bloggers - Product retailers are making pinboards specic to marketsGET CREATIVE!!! 18. @atraineVisit Bend uses Pinterest to highlight community businesses, events, etc. 19. @atraineLeveraging Create a company accountCreate boards for your products, services, interestsPin images to your newly created boardsMake sure your pins are shared on your company Facebook and Twitter proles 20. @atraineMake sure your site is optimiz ed for PinterestAnything that is programmed in Flash CANNOT be pinnedMany JavaScript image preview tools block the option for pinningTest, Test, Test Use the bookmarklet tool from Pinterest on your own sitePinterest also offers a Pin It button you can add to products, images, etc.There are Plugins out there for WordPress, and othersOptimize for 21. @atraineOptimize for Mashable 22. @atraineOptimize for Mashable 23. @atraineOptimize for Mashable 24. @atraineYouTube reports 4 billion+ daily video views!Average U.S. internet user watched 23.2 hours of online videocomScore study for Dec. of 2011Case Study 25. @atraineImages Are Shared More Than VideoEffectAccording to StruckAxiomX 10 more thanImages Shared More 26. @atraineWhy Images Are Shared More Than Videos People arent sure what the video is before they click it Unknown time commitment Not sure if theyll want to share the videoEffect vs. 27. @atraineSo, Can You Combine The Two?