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  • -The Pitfall of CSR- (Corporate Social Responsibility a PR invention?)

    Case briefing by Thanandorn Panichnok

  • THE WORLD Recognizes CSR and Stakeholder Theory

  • [ [- CSR is rewarded by the financial markets. - Share prices will positively reflect the ethical dimensions of companys operations.

  • CSR:

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  • CSR : An Image Builder

    Nike was accused of involving with a child labor issue in developing countries. Nike supported a HIV/AIDS child in Africa and developing. The CSR program was promoted to assure Nikes reputation under NIKE RED laces campaign

  • CSR : A license to operate ( Que-Pro-Quo)

    Intel has donated and subsidized for local governments services such as education and public safety in order to avoid hundreds of million of dollars in local taxes on it facilities.

  • Should CSR be a Marketing and PRs Tool ?

  • CSR : A companys philanthropic activity being responsible for society and humans right WITHOUT mutual benefits.

    PR : A CSRs invention encouraging stakeholders to concern about the social problem to do CSR and inform public why does the company concern about the issue? and how can we (company and stakeholders) solve the social issue together?.


  • [ [PR : A CSRs Invention

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