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  • What is Public Relations?How do you understand the term?Public relations? Is that working with people? You know, like an air hostess, shop assistant?Problem of defining public relations472 definitions of public relations in 1976

  • Who Uses Public Relations?The MediaSmall BusinessInternet CompaniesThe GovernmentLabor UnionsBig BusinessSports TeamsIndustriesNon-Profit AgenciesUniversitiesEntertainment IndustryPoliticiansHospitals

  • WHAT IS ADVERTISING?Advertising is paid nonpersonal communication from an identified sponsor using media channels to persuade or influence an audienceAdvertising is used by:Business firms,Nonprofit organizations,Social Agencies

  • A COMPARISON BETWEEN PUBLIC RELATIONS AND ADVERTISINGPublic Relations results are are taken in the long-term

    Emphasizes informing, educating and creating understanding through knowledge

    Reports to the general manager

    Free for the space in media

    Has no control over the message (It is the journalist who writes the story)

    Hard to measure

    Advertising results can be taken either in the short-term or long-term, but shorter than PR

    Emphasizes selling

    Reports to the marketing manager

    Purchases space, frequency and time from media

    Advertising controls message (buying space and time)

    Can be measured

  • THE HISTORY of BUSINESS NEWSA newspaper editor or reporter used to ask each store owner: Any news today?The general store owner might answer: Tell the ladies that Ive just received a shipment of new dress fabrics


    Key publics of PR: The general public, the employees of the business, the providers of finance, the media, neighbours, regulatorsPR the credible source Persuasiveness Objective third party Journalist or broadcaster Example:Athletic shoe manufacturer L.A. Gear A news report about a lost girl in Tennessee Rescued thanks to lights on her L.A. Twilights sneakers

  • Public Relations:A Management Function

    Public Relations is not only a marketing functionIMC? Five major communication tools: Advertising, Personal selling, Sales promotion, Direct marketing, Public Relations

  • Public Relations:A Management Function

    What sort of decisions does a company make? Marketing, product distribution, finance, human resources, acquisitions, relations with the community and government authoritiesPublic Relations provides input for organizational decisions.

  • Public Relations Practitioners must:Management to the PublicThe Public to ManagementandINTERPRET

  • A Comparison between Public Relations and PropagandaAims to informThe identification of the sender is clearPR is two way communication (feedback, dialogue)PR cares for public interestHas a code of conduct that forbids lyingAims to influenceWe may not be able to identify the sourceIt is one-sidedCares for the established objectiveIt does not have to speak the truth

  • The Publics of Public RelationsA group of people who face a similar problem, organize to do something about the problem, have a stake in an issue, idea, or organizationThe general public, the employees of the business, the providers of finance (banks), potential customers, the media, suppliers, competitors, neighbours, regulators, academic community, labor unions, shareholders, trade associations

  • The Curse of SpinSpin is distorting, obfuscating, to create the appearance of performancePublic relations professional, who, working for political parties, corporations or pressure groups, do their best to get their clients message across via the mass media, with one hand pressing the good news, with the other, suppressing the bad.Few people have knowledge of policy outside what they hear in the media if they are becoming increasing distrustful of political spin and PR this means they are cutting themselves off from policy debate

  • Spin DoctorThe film, Wag the DogThe character played by Robert De Niro, a fixerTo direct media attention away from the unpleasant story about the presidentA fictitious warTo show the public that the president is exercising strong leadership during a time of national crisis.

  • The Functions of Public RelationsWriting: Elemantary public relations skill. Press releases, speeches, brochuresMedia relationsPlanning: Special events, media events, management functions.Researching: Attitudes, opinions which influence behavior and beliefsPublicity: Marketing function, unpaid communication about an organization appearing in the mass mediaIssues management: Diagnosing and counseling on issues which are crucial for the organization

    Community relationsConsumer relationsEmployee relationsGovernment affairs: Legislators, regulators, local, state and federal officialsCounseling

  • Halkbank staged a press conference for the economy media in stanbuls raan Palace to introduce the Paraf and hosted famous faces from the business world and celebrities from the social scene in a launch cocktail the same evening.Media RelationsThe right information becomes news when its communicated on the right channel at the right time. We manage media relations in observance of ethical rules by means of strategic messages and smart planning through the work of our media team members each of whom is specialized in a different field.

  • McDonalds cares about the treatment of animals Management of issues in the emergence stage versus the crisis stage, anticipatory issues managementA leadership role in improving conditions and operations at suppliers facilitiesEnsure good animal handling practicesHumane treatment of animals Suppliers who maintain the highest standards McDonalds commitment to animal welfare.

  • Edward Bernays Nephew of Sigmund Freud Psychology and mass psychology for creating the images for governments and corporations to gain consent in a period where aristocratic precedence was beginning to fade. A large series of books published over his 100 year lifetime with titles like Crystallizing Public Opinion. Still alive in the 1990s


  • Public Relations Practitioners must be:EthicalTruthfulCredibleThe Organizations Conscience