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  • 1. THE PUBLIC LIBRARY AND IKIPEDIA Dorothy Howard User: OR drohowa Wikipedia for Libraries, Archives, Museums Guide

2. WIKIPEDIAS PRINCIPAL FUNCTIONS: Fifth most visited web property worldwide Rare among the top 100 sites: ovolunteer-driven project (only other - (only others - and BBC)Most widely read publication in history (?)Sophisticated decision-making modelAnyone may participate 3. WHY SHOULD INSTITUTIONS PARTNER WITH WIKIPEDIA? Demands for information met at the places where people are seeking it. Attracting New Audiences to materials and catalogs. Reviews of publicly available information on relevant topics to your institution Editing Wikipedia gives cultural professionals the opportunity to put their institutional materials in context. 4. PROBLEMS/DIFFICULTIES FOR LIBRARIES 5. PROBLEMS/DIFFICULTIES FOR WIKIPEDIA 6. LIBRARIANS OFFER WIKIPEDIA RESOURCES Instructional Librarianship Incorporate Wikipedia into Education Programming Communicate with the Wikipedia community about editing practices Open Access and open image resources Help community not be afraid to use Wikipedia as a research tool. 7. NYC WIKIPEDIA ACTIVITY Local GLAMs working on Wikipedia 1. NYPL, NYPL Performing Arts 2. Queens Public Library 3. Center for Jewish History, Leo Baeck Institute 4. MoMA 5. Frick Art Reference Library 6. Metropolitan Museum 7. Brooklyn College 8. CUNY Graduate Center, CUNY system 9. Consumer Reports in Yonkers 8. EDIT-A-THON: WIKIPEDIA TAKES BROOKLYN AT THE BROOKLYN PUBLIC LIBRARY ON SEPTEMBER 7TH BPL, Wikimedia NYC, METRO, Wikiotics Foundation, Start with basic introduction and training Photo-hunt: images of Brooklyn historic monuments and library branches. Tutorial on uploading images. 9 Wikipedians attended 17 new users were registered Wikimetrics 5 pages created 229 edits made 73 images uploaded 9. WIKIPEDIA AS A TOOL FOR EDUCATORS Wikipedia Education Program Campus Ambassador Program 10. WIKIPEDIAN IN RESIDENCE PROGRAM Serves as a liaison between the organization, the Wikimedia community, and communicates with other WiRs Promotes understanding of Wikimedia policies and practices Works with organizational staff to digitize, compile, and organize resources that can be shared with the Wikipedia community. Coordinates events, such as Hack-a-Thons, Edit-a-Thons, or Backstage Passes. Avoids Conflicts of Interest Funding Available from Foundation, Open Knowledge, Open GLAM 11. COVERAGE OF BPL ON WIKIPEDIA 13 External Links in Wikipedia for http://www.bklynpublic 1786 page views for BPL Wikipedia article in last 30days 175 page views for Central Library in last 30 days 168 views for List of Brooklyn Public Library Branches in last 30 days 12. WAYS TO CONTRIBUTE FIND TABLE AT: HTTP://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG/WIKI/WIKIPEDIA:WIKIPEDIA_FOR_LIBRARIES_ARCHIVES_MUSEUMS 13. WIKIPEDIA TOOLS FOR LIBRARIANS AND ARCHIVISTS Basics: Talk Pages, Article TrafficTemplatesWikipedia Article Assessment (AA)InfoboxesAuthority Control Tool/ botWiki RAMP EditorWiki-Metrics ToolIssue Specific WikiProjects Wikipedia Loves Libraries WikiProject New York City Wiki Project Womens History 14. THE BASICSTalk Pages: Communicate your potential biases, affiliations, concerns.Use talk pages when you plan to make a major changePost on a talk page requesting an articleOther users will communcate with you on your User: talk pagesYou can check any article's traffic!1. Click "View history"! 2. 2. Click "page view statistics"! Other tools: Templates for just about anything Wikipedia article assessment work to create feature articles (well written, comprehensive, well-research, well- cited, neutral, stable, follows style guidelines, includes images and/or media, appropriate length.) 15. INFOBOXES Pulled by Google, Dppedia, Search enginesPersondata: metadata template added to the bottom of biographical articles- pulled directly by Google (850,000 articles with person data) 16. AUTHORITY CONTROL TOOL Developed by Max Klein, Wikipedian at OCLC Automated, bot adding Authority Control Tags to articles You can add these yourselfVIAF, LCCN, GND (German National Library), SELIBR (National Library of Sweden), SWD and GKD (pre GND), ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID), ULAN (Union List of Artist Names) 17. WIKI RAMP EDITOR: FROM FINDING AIDS TO WIKI PAGES Released Oct, 2013 18. WIKI-METRICS TOOL Generate data on editing activities of groups cohortsUse for Edit-a-Thons, trainings, events to measure tangible resultsAvailable data: Edits made, articles added, bytes addedCan run for desired time frame, long term, short term 19. WIKI-PROJECTSEditors gather and do things! GLAM Pages Wikipedia Loves Libraries WikiProject New York City Wiki Project Womens History 20. RECENT CHALLENGES GLAM-Wiki is still not incorporated into Wikimedia Foundation MIT study- there has been a recent drop in editors and retainment Widely dispersed learning resources for beginners Visual Editor Debate Articles are Western focused Gender Gap, Multicultural Gap Recent projects to recruit women Edit-a-thons with Womens History, Cultural History focus Emphasizing social impact of editing Looking Forward: NYC GLAM-Wiki Network 21. TEST YOUR HAND AT EDITING! Thorough research with citations. Go to Wikipedia:Wikipedia for Libraries, Archives, Museums _Museums

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