the red sea rifting: tectonic history and stratigraphic successions

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  1. 1. -391 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 The Red Sea rifting: Tectonic history and Stratigraphic successions By: Abdullah Alqubalee KFUPM Earth Science Department May 05, 2015
  2. 2. -392 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 Outline Introduction. Tectonic History of the Red Sea. The Red Sea stratigraphy and Petroleum System. Geology and Stratigraphy of Midyan, SA. Conclusion.
  3. 3. -393 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 Introduction (Bosworth et al., 2005) AFFZ = Alula-Fartaq fracture zone; BM = Bab al Mandeb; D = Danakil horst; DA = Dahlak archipelago; ET = Ethiopian trap series; G = Cape Gwardafuy; GOA = Gulf of Aqaba; GOS = Gulf of Suez; MAP = Makran accretionary prism; MER = main Ethiopian rift; MS = Mesozoic Marib- Shabwa (Sabatayn) Basin; SI = Socotra Island; SOC = Semail oceanic crust; SR = Sheba Ridge; S = Shukra al Sheik discontinuity; RS = Ras Sharbithat; YT = Yemen trap series; ZI = Zabargad Island
  4. 4. -394 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 Introduction
  5. 5. -395 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 Objectives To demonstrate the tectonic history and the Stratigraphic succession of the Red Sea. To demonstrate the Cenozoic Stratigraphy of Midyan Region, Saudi Arabia.
  6. 6. -396 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 TectonicHistory oftheRedSea (Bosworth et al., 2005) EarlyOligoceneOligoceneMiocenetransition MiddleMioceneLateOligocene Oceanic spreading started on eastern Sheba Ridge by 19 Ma PalinspasticrestorationoftheRedSeaGulfofAdenriftsystem
  7. 7. -397 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 (Bosworth et al., 2005) EarlyLateMiocenePresent-daysituation ProposedfuturegeometryMiocenePliocenetransition PalinspasticrestorationoftheRedSeaGulfofAdenriftsystem TectonicHistory oftheRedSea
  8. 8. -398 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 Summary of Tectonic History of the Red Sea Early Oligocene Afar plume initiation & older Harrats formation. Late Oligocene Gulf of Aden initiation & Eritrean Red Sea continental rift. Oligocene Miocene transition Rapid spread of extension throughout Red Sea. Middle Miocene Onset of AqabaLevant transform boundary and by-passing of Gulf of Suez basin Oceanic spreading started on eastern Sheba Ridge by 19 Ma. Early Late Miocene Riftdrift transition in central Gulf of Aden. Miocene Pliocene transition Riftdrift transition in south-central Red Sea, jump of spreading west of 45E in Gulf of Aden (perhaps 3 Ma), and acceleration of AqabaLevant movement. TectonicHistory oftheRedSea
  9. 9. -399 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 ArabianPlateReconstruction,Early CenozoictolatestEocene. (Sharland et al,. 2001) TectonicHistory oftheRedSea
  10. 10. -3910 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 ArabianPlate,latestEocenetoPresent. (Sharland et al,. 2001) TectonicHistory oftheRedSea
  11. 11. -3911 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 Stratigraphiccorrelationalongthelength oftheredsea (Bosworth et al., 2005)
  12. 12. -3912 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 ChronostratigraphicsectionforAP11. (Sharland et al,. 2001)
  13. 13. -3913 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 Stratigraphy of the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia Source : (Hughes et al,. 2005)
  14. 14. -3914 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 Stratigraphy of the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia Source : (Hughes et al,. 2005)
  15. 15. -3915 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 Stratigraphy of the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia Source : (Hughes et al,. 2005)
  16. 16. -3916 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 Cenozoic Stratigraphy of Midyan, Saudi Arabia (Bosworth et al., 2005) (Hughes et al., 1999)
  17. 17. -3917 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 Satelliteimage Midyan,SaudiArabia (Hughes et al., 1999)
  18. 18. -3918 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 Geologicmapof Midyan,SaudiArabia (Hughes et al., 1999)
  19. 19. -3919 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 Stratigraphy-Midyan, SaudiArabia (Hughes et al., 1999) Fluvio-lacustrine Restricted marine Intertidal-shallow marine Bathyal Turbidites Bathyal Hypersaline submarine Deep Hypersaline marine Shallow to marginal-marine Fluvial & delta-plain Paleoevnironment
  20. 20. -3936 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 Conclusion The Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea rifting were initiated in Late Oligocene, ~25 Ma. The Triple Junction lying above the Afar Hot Spot is RRR type. AP11 lasted 34 Ma is defined as the package of sediments lying between the unconformity marking both the onset of Red Sea rifting and the first continent-continent collision, Zagros collision. Several tectonic phases are defined that fall into the categories of pre-rift, syn-rift, and post-rift. The Red Sea current reservoirs are : Jabal Kibrit, Umm luj mbr, Wadi Waqb mbr, and Burqan formation. AlWajh formation is considered as a prospective reservoir. The Midyan region provides a unique view of the Red Sea subsurface stratigraphy of Saudi Arabia.
  21. 21. -3937 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142
  22. 22. -3938 Middle East Geology -Geol 501-142 References Bosworth, W., Huchon, P., & McClay, K. (2005). The red sea and gulf of Aden basins. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 43(1), 334-378. Hughes, G. W., Perincek, D., Grainger, D. J., Abu-Bshait, A. J., & Jarad, A. R. M. (1999). Lithostratigraphy and depositional history of part of the Midyan region, northwestern Saudi Arabia. GeoArabia, 4(4), 500-542. Hughes, G. W. A., & Johnson, R. S. (2005). Lithostratigraphy of the Red Sea region. GeoArabia, 10(3), 49-126. Sharland, P. R., Archer, R., Casey, D. M., Davies, R. B., Hall, S. H., Heward, A. P., ... & Simmons, M. D. (2001). Arabian plate sequence stratigraphy. GeoArabia.

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