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  • 1. the saints,our friendsJn & Peter Morovi

2. !!2013 Jn & Peter MoroviAvailable to download from iTunes,in print from,and as coloring pages or in EPUB and MOBI format from 3. ! How do I become a saint?!Have you ever helped your parents by tidying your room? Have you tried tocheer up a classmate who was sad? Have you shared a snack with anotherkid? Have you stood up to those who were mean to another boy or girl?Have you ever told anyone that you love Jesus? If you answered yes to anyof these questions, and I am sure you have, then you are on your way to be-cominga saint. Being a saint is the same as following Jesus. Asking yourselfwhat Jesus would do in your place and doing it!!In this little book you will find out about some of our favorite saints. Saints,who have lived like Jesus so much, that they are examples for us all to follow.You will see that the great saints who came before us have included poorfishermen, brave warriors, smart scientists, noble princesses, gifted artistsand kind popes. What they all had in common though was their love of Jesusin the poor, the weak and the lonely and that they always looked for ways toserve Him and to bring everyone to Him.!We hope that the new friends you will meet in this book will make you wantto follow them, so that you may one day join them and all the saints in Heav-en.!Jn & Peter 4. Joseph 5. ! Do you know who Jesus dad is? Thats right - it is Godthe Father. And do you know who Saint Joseph was?He was Marys husband and looked after Jesus like adad while he was on Earth. It was with the help of SaintJoseph that Jesus learned how to be a good boy andthen grow up to be a good man.Already before Jesus was born, Saint Joseph loved Himand His mum, Mary, very much. When an angel toldSaint Joseph in a dream that Mary had Gods baby sonin her tummy, he immediately did what God asked himand looked after Mary and Jesus. You too do that,dont you? When you see that someone needs yourhelp, you go and help. Right?When baby Jesus was born, the angel spoke to SaintJoseph again and told him that a bad king wants to killJesus and that he needs to take his family and escapeto Egypt. That must have been quite scary, right? Whatdo you think Saint Joseph did? Exactly! He took Maryand baby Jesus and travelled with them as quickly ashe could to safety. After some years, when it was OK toreturn home, the angel spoke to Saint Joseph again,and the Holy Family made their way back from Egypt.During the following years Saint Joseph taught Jesusmany things and he also showed him how to makethings out of wood and become a carpenter like him-self.Saint Joseph also taught Jesus about the Bible,about what the prophets said and about the many ad-venturesthat his ancestors, the People of Israel havebeen through. With all this, Saint Joseph helped Jesusgrow up to be a good man and prepare for tellingeveryone about how much God loves us.Do you know anyone who is an example in doing whatpleases God? If you do, then follow them like Jesus fol-lowedwhat Saint Joseph taught him.Saint Joseph(Yosef - (90 BC, Bethlehem, Israel - 18 AD, Nazareth, Israel19 MarchJoseph did as the angel of the Lord commandedhim. (Matthew 1:24) 6. Peter 7. ! Jesus was teaching a lot and needed a rest. So, hewent out on a lake in Peters boat, to get a break fromall the people who wanted to hear and see him. Theweather was not very good though. It was very windyand there were big waves, which scared the apostles.In the middle of the night, the apostles woke up andcouldnt see Jesus anywhere. Suddenly they noticedhim walking on the water towards them!At first, they couldnt believe their eyes and got scaredeven more! As usual, Peter spoke first: Jesus, let metoo walk on the water! When Jesus invited Peter to joinhim, he stepped out of the boat and made a few stepstowards Him. But, Peter got scared because of thestrong wind and because he really couldnt believe thatJesus could make him walk on water! Peter started tosink and panic and cried for help: Lord, save me!Jesus came to him straightaway and pulled him out ofthe water. Why were you afraid?, he asked Peter.Why didnt you believe me? Peter loved Jesus a lotand wanted to follow him everywhere, but he didnt re-alizethat Jesus was the Son of God and so nothingwas impossible for him. Peter learned to really trust Je-sus,like you trust your mum and dad.Saint Peter(Shimon)1 BC (Bethsaida, Israel) 67 AD (Rome, Italy)29 JuneLord, you know that I love you.(John 21:15) 8. Thomas 9. ! Saint Thomas was one of Jesus best friends, one of histwelve disciples. Do you know what his name means? InAramaic, the language Jesus spoke, it means twin. AndThomas really tried to be like Jesus twin, following every-thingJesus did.One time, Jesus said to his friends that they would knowhow to follow him even after his death. But Thomas didntreally understand this and probably neither did the others!So, he asked Jesus to explain. As you can imagine, thistook a lot of courage and being very good friends with Je-sus.In return for asking good questions, Jesus rewardedThomas and all of us with saying: I am the Way, the Truthand the Life. No one comes to the Father except throughme. What a beautiful poem! It makes it so clear what weshould do to come close to God and we wouldnt have it ifit wasnt for Thomas. He clearly trusted Jesus a lot, but healso showed great suspicion of others!After Jesus came back from the dead, he appeared to asmall group of his friends, but Thomas wasnt there. Whenthe others told him about their meeting with Jesus, Thomasdidnt believe them and said firmly: I have to see Jesus formyself, with my own eyes and touch him with my ownhands or I wont believe.A week later, Jesus came to his friends again and this timeThomas was there too - he made sure he wouldnt miss it!Jesus, who knew Thomas very well, came to him and saidPut your finger here and see the wounds in my hands. Putyour hand here, touch the wound in my side, and do not beunbelieving, but believe!Thomas is stunned! He looks at Jesus and says more clear-lythan anyone ever: My Lord and my God! Jesus turns tohim and says something that he is telling all of us: Blessedare those who have not seen and have believed. None ofus have seen him or have been there with Thomas, but Je-susencourages us to believe and tells us well receive aspecial blessing to help us!Thomas was the kind of guy everybody was happy to havearound, because he said and did things others didnt dare.And he asked Jesus such direct questions! Thomas endedup taking Christianity all the way to India, the farthest any ofthe disciples went. His deep faith and his great friendshipwith Jesus helped him and we can learn a lot from him!Saint Thomas(T'oma (1st century AD (Galilee, Israel) 72 AD (Mylapore, India)3 JulyBlessed are those who have not seen and have believed.(John 20:29) 10. John 11. ! Saint John the Apostle was one of the twelve disciples ofJesus, like Saints Peter and Thomas, but he was a bit spe-cial.He was probably the youngest among them, just a boy,while the others were already grown men. He was alsoamong the first four whom Jesus called to follow him, andhe is called the disciple whom Jesus loved. Together withhis brother James, another disciple, Jesus called themsons of thunder. John and James were calm and gentle,but when they lost their patience they were fierce!John was clearly a very close friend of Jesus, a true bestie!He was the only one of the twelve to stay at the foot of thecross when Jesus was dying. He stood there with Jesusmum, Mary, and before Jesus died, he asked John to lookafter her. He also asked Mary to be Johns mum and alsothe mum of us all.Three days after Jesus died, and the disciples heard that histomb was open and empty, it was again John, together withPeter, who ran straightaway to see. Saint John was calmbut immediately ready for action. And as he was theyoungest of the disciples, he got to the tomb first! From theday he met Jesus, he followed him and stood by him. Wetoo can do the same today by listening to his voice and fol-lowingit calmly, wisely and without hesitation!Saint John the Evangelist(Ynn)15 AD (Jerusalem, Israel) 100 AD (Ephesus, Turkey)27 DecemberSo the disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, It is theLord. (John 21:7) 12. George 13. ! You have probably heard about the legend of Saint Georgeand the dragon, but did you know the true, and even moreamazing story of how he stood up to a powerful emperor?Saint George was an officer in the Roman army and amember of emperor Diocletians elite royal guard around300 years after Jesus was born. Some say he was one ofthe emperors best soldiers. The emperor didnt like Chris-tiansthough and arrested all of them, who were in the army.They were to be let go only if they betrayed Jesus and wor-shipedthe false Roman gods instead. Diocletian did thisbecause he wanted to get rid of all the Christians in his em-pire.Saint George was a man of deep faith and great courage,so when he heard this, he went to see the Emperorstraightaway. In front of many fellow officers of the army hetold Diocletian that he would not give up his faith in Jesus!Can you imagine that? Id say that standing up to a power-fulemperor like that, with all his armies, is more courageousthan fighting just a single dragon, no matter how fierce!Since the emperor respected Saint George and wanted tokeep him as his soldier, he first tried to change his mind byoffering him land, gold and lots of other riches.What do you think Saint George did? Do you think he tookthe emperors gold? Thats right, Saint George was firm andrefused! But, this made the emperor mad! How dare a sol-dierdisobey him! So, Diocletian decided to have SaintGeorge killed, also to scare anyone else who thought of re-maininga Christian.Before he got arrested though, Saint George gave all hispossessions to the poor. If you ever stood up for yourfriends in school or