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The Services

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The Services. Introduction 3 Our services 4 Training 5 Turn-Key Solution 6 Development 7 Consulting 9 Integration 1 0 Upgrade 1 1 Template Building 1 2 Remote Troubleshooting 1 3 Technical Support 14 Our customers 1 6 How to purchase 1 7. Content. Designed to: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: The Services

The Services

Page 2: The Services

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Content Introduction

3Our services


5Turn-Key Solution





11Template Building

12Remote Troubleshooting

13Technical Support

14Our customers

16How to purchase


Page 3: The Services

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Designed to: Save customer’s time &

money Simplify adoption by

corporate sector Ensure smooth operation Safeguard future


Page 4: The Services

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Professional training

Our Services


Turn-Key Solution

Technical Support

Remote Troublesho





Obtain knowledge

Build around customers to fit their unique business needs, requirements and complexities

Talk to expert

Outsource set-up

Technical advice

Get assistance


Get new version

Add unique device

Page 5: The Services

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Location options: On-site, hosted & scheduled

Standard courses: Zabbix Certified Specialist & Zabbix Certified Professional

Languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, and Latvian


TrainingGet deep theoretical and practical knowledge of Zabbix in just 5 days!

Page 6: The Services

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Turn-Key Solution

Start monitoring your IT environment in just few days, not weeks or months!Delivery options: Remotely or on-site

Packages: Light, Basic, Advanced, Professional and Custom packages

Duration: From 1 day till 10 days for standard packages

Bonuses: Discount on Technical Support purchased along

Your IT infrastructure monitored on advanced level


Page 7: The Services

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Sponsor development of functions that let you save time and money!Involvement options: Individually or by teaming up with other companies

Benefits: Direct influence on specifications

Delivery: Next major version or upcoming minor version


Functionality becomes public

No extra cost associated with further maintenance

Functionality will be tested and supported in upcoming releases

Page 8: The Services

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Development (cont.)

Sponsored Features


Monitoring of Virtualization Platforms

Encryption of all communication

Submit yours


Page 9: The Services

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ConsultingMake sure you do the right move!Purchase options: per hour and prepaid


Channels: by phone, e-mail, and on-site visit

Languages: English, Japanese, Russian and Latvian

Other languages available through Certified PartnersTalk to Zabbix expert when planning a big Zabbix installation or looking to improve existing one

Page 10: The Services

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IntegrationMinimize operational expenses and risk!Utilize Zabbix engineer knowledge and experience to build robust and secure joints between programs

Page 11: The Services

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UpgradeEntrust migration to a newer version to developers of the software!Delivery options: Remotely or on-site

Duration: According to agreed time schedule

Bonuses: Safety of your data, minimum downtime, faster

Page 12: The Services

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Template Building

Don’t leave your equipment unattended regardless how unique it is!Requirements: Model, list of items, MIB document, access to device

Duration: According to agreed time schedule

Page 13: The Services

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Remote Troubleshooting

When you need our help most of all!

Delivery options: Remotely or on-site

Duration: According to agreed time schedule

Bonuses: Eliminate issues fast, cheaper and more secure

When you need it:

Admin is sick or on vacation

Unable to discover or to explain nature of your Zabbix problem

In atypical situation like database, hardware, or result of virus activity crash

Page 14: The Services

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Technical Support

Variety of options: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Enterprise

Availability: up to 24x7 with 90 min. initial reaction time

Channels: by web, e-mail, phone & on-site visits

Languages: English, Japanese, Russian & Latvian

Other languages available through Certified Partners

Designed to provide technical advice on use of Zabbix Monitoring Solution

Page 15: The Services

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Technical Support

Available Support Tiers

Page 16: The Services

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Our Customers

Page 17: The Services

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How to Purchase

partners are actively involved in Zabbix promotion all over the world


Page 18: The Services


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