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    The Sherwood Crier The Insider Newsletter of Sherwood Forest Faire

    Whats Inside

    Rengypsy p. 1, Mysteries & Marvels p. 1, In the Limelight p. 2, Vendors Corner p. 2, Elf s Corner p. 3, unClassifieds p. 3, In the Limelight part deux p. 4, Classified Ads p. 6,

    I sit at my window and listen to the hustle and bustle of a seemingly interminable line of people moving toward Sherwood Forest. I remember when this would have surprised me, but now tis a common sight. Every year, people arrive in droves to participate in the Sherwood Celtic Music Festival

    & Highland Games.

    I lean out the window a bit and squint in the early morning light; the advancing horde extends clear to the horizon. Ah yes, I think to myself, the fame of this wonderful festival is now well known and and we must expect the crowds to swell to even greater

    numbers with each passing year.

    I jerk my head up suddenly, why, is it really two full years since I became Ace Reporter and Editor of my beloved Sherwood Crier? I ask myself in wonder. I ponder for a moment, hmmm, it two years or two hundred years? I shake my head, no matter,

    two...two all blends together.

    The din from passing crowds is louder now so I close the windows and return to packing. I am taking a small trunk, just enough to carry my very

    Behind the Scenesby Rengypsy

    Sherwood is a remarkable community & experience. It is composed of many parts. Some are the front peoplethose known and recognized by everyone. But behind the scenes, there exist many silent, seemingly invisible ones who contribute and add their

    magic to our community.

    My wife is one such person. She is quiet and reserved and can usually be found in the very back. Ever since I had the crazy idea to invest our lifes savings into Sherwood, she has been there as a stalwart supporter. She walked a hundred tracts of land with me before we located this place in Bastrop County. She squinted her eyes and tried to see my vision through the thicket that is now the faire grounds. She watched our bank account dwindle and co-signed notes with me. She painted and nailed and planted. She took care of our boys when I was allocating all my weekends to Sherwood. She stood in freezing weather in December at the first Gathering when some 30 folk showed up

    and huddled into that blue canvas tent.

    Today, she designs and plants the gardens before faire opens each yearand watches over them during the

    off season.

    Mysteries & Marvelsby Mab Middlin

    contd p. 5

    Dont miss the pre-show with Brizeus and CelticaFriday (Sept 20th) 7-11 pm, $6.00 at the gate

    contd p. 6

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    In The LimelightEJ Jones

    Vendors CornerFour Quarters

    With treasures from the four corners of the known world, Four Quarters could be the first and only stop needed to garb yourself

    in style.

    The name, Four Quarters stands for the four primary elements of the earth: Earth, Air, Fire,

    Water; Lola & Darryl, the owners of Four Quarters, chose that name because of the deep connection they

    feel with the four elements.

    Lola started Four Quarters in 1999, using her sewing and jewelry-making talents to diversify their income. Since then, shes been creating unique and unusual items nonstop for faires and comic conventions. Nothing is mass-produced, so youll never see another faire-goer coming toward you wearing your special outfit. Everything in her shoppe is either one-of-a-

    kind or limited edition.

    Just to mention a few of the amazing things you can find at Four Quarters...for women, there are skirts, blouses, bodices, vests, corsets, and jackets. For men, there are tie pants, wrap pants, and sleeveless shirts. Lola also makes hair clips, hats, jewelry, robes, cloaks, and coats. and if youre looking for coin hip scarves, shawls, pouches, shoulder bags, or leather items, youll find those at Four Quarters, too!

    Lola makes 90% of all the garments in the shoppe. Nothing is imported, but a few items are fabulous finds from here and


    As you walk along the path at Sherwood, you are sure to recognize the plaintive strains of a melody that can only come from bagpipes. Soon, you are in the realm of EJ Piper Jones, and I dare any one of you to not tap your toes or imagine that suddenly youve become able

    to dance a highland fling!

    EJ was 11 years old when he learned to play the pipes at St. Thomas Episcopal. He was fortunate to learn from the amazing Mike Cusack, the first America to win gold medals at Inverness and Oban. Mr. Cusack continues to be an excellent role model in his job as headmaster of that school


    When EJ was 13, he was in his kilt at a festival with his family. His grandmother dared him to put his instrument case on the curb and play for tips. Well, EJ worked up his courage to do it and after just 5 minutes there were dollars in the case and a college girl had pinched him on the behind; he was hooked from that moment forward. EJ has gone on to fame playing folk music on the Great Highland Bagpipe, Flute, Scottish smallpipes, the Irish whistle and

    Uilleann pipes.

    Not only a musician, EJ is also a creator of musical instruments. He is a wood turner and makes instruments for pipers in other bands. He also composed tunes and teaches at workshops from Vermont to Washington. This summer he went to Scotland to compete at the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow with the St Thomas

    Alumni pipe band.

    EJ says Playing at Renaissance festivals has been a wonderful way to anchor a musical career. The audience is willing, you get to run around in the sunshine all day and smile at people while wearing a costume and you get to take part in some wonderful

    cultural events like playing for dancers.

    EJ plays in two bands that will be performing at Sherwoods Celtic Festival: Clandestine and Brizeus.

    http://www.piperjones.comcontd p. 3

    photo by Vicki Farmer

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    Darryl works with wood. His primary focus is making hammers, but he has been making awesome

    canes lately.

    Come visit Four Quarters during the Celtic Festival at booth 201 near the Three Stags pub and find your

    own one-of-a-kind treasure!

    Elf s Cornerby TamuriL the Avariel Elf

    *the Elf steps from the coolness of the Trees into the full sun of the fields. She unrolls a soft green scroll

    from which to read.*


    Please gather all Lords, Ladies and Fabled of thy Sherwood Forest.

    This Elf hath been sent with ye newest updates of thy Volunteer Marketing Department and Privy Counsel

    Even though thy hottest Season be upon ye Sherwoodians, once again, ye hath shown thy determination and stead-fastness to continue Onward

    into thy Future. Aye, that ye hath!

    Sherwood participated in San Japan, spreading the good word of our forest to anime enthusiasts of

    all ages!

    This Elf hath more things of import to share with ye. Our Volunteers hath been spreading Word of thy Woods by turning out in grand numbers to parade in the blistering summer heat and bringing home

    more awards for thy Trophy cabinet!

    From thy home Kingdom of McDade at thy July Watermelon Festival, ye won the First Place Most

    Original trophy, Huzzah!

    Four Quarters contd


    Free to good home. One slightly used set of bagpipes. Musket ball and sword holes have been patched nicely although the previous owner will take a wee bit longer to mend. The only stipulation is that any new owner

    promise to take said instrument far, far away.


    Lasses! The highland games are upon us. Is your lad too absorbed in sport to pay you the slightest attention? Alan the Apothecary is offering a seasonal special on perfume designed with the discerning Celtic male in mind---eau de scotch. Dab a little behind each ear and show up naked and you will enjoy at least a minute and a half of attention--20 to 50 percent longer than

    usual. And If that doesnt work you can drink it!!

    contd p. 5

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    ClandestineClandestine is hard-driving, toe-tapping Texas Celtic sound. Formed in 1991, the band is known for their brand of blasting tune sets and fresh songs. Piper EJ Jones and fiddler Gregory McQueen lead the tunes with the full force of their individual musical energies.

    Al Cofrin brings cittern folk guitar, and medieval bagpipes to the mix. He is a Riverrun Records recording artist, and is also the director of nationally

    known Istanpitta Early Music Ensemble.

    Gregory McQueen has been playing the fiddle for longer than he will admit. His passionate playing ranges from tenderly lyrical to fiery and breathtakingly


    Percussionist and singer Emily Dugas captivates with her original song c o l l a b o r a t i o n s with Al, as well as her singular interpretations of songs in the Celtic genre. EJ and Al also join Emily on vocals, with many songs now set in three-part harmony.

    They started touring professionally in 1997 and played all over the USA with trips into Canada and over to France a couple of times. Clandestine has bagpipes, singing, fiddle, Irish drum, and bouzouki and they mostly play clubs like the Mucky Duck in Houston and Celtic festivals like the North Texas Irish Festival.

    Come thrill to the sound of Clandestine and Brizeus at Sherwood Celtic Music Festival!


    Brizeus is a pan-Celtic instrumental group of pipers, drummers, and string players based all over the USA. The group was formed in 2011 and perform at folk dance events around the country and a