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The Ship’s Log The Newsletter of Orange Park Council, No. 7399 Knights of Columbus February, 2017 Serving St. Catherine’s Parish Council Meetings: second and fourth Thursday of each month in Haut Hall This month’s meetings will be on the 9 th and the 23 rd See Our Website at: Click Here to View Our Award-Winning Scrapbook The first-ever Knights of Columbus sponsored Family Game Night was a great success, and fun was had by all. Joe Caso

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The Ship’s Log The Newsletter of Orange Park Council, No. 7399
Knights of Columbus February, 2017
Serving St. Catherine’s Parish Council Meetings: second and fourth Thursday of each month in Haut Hall
This month’s meetings will be on the 9th and the 23rd
See Our Website at: Click Here to View Our Award-Winning Scrapbook
The first-ever Knights of Columbus sponsored Family Game Night was a great success, and fun was had by all. Joe Caso
Community Juan Toole 647-7610 [email protected]
Council Dennis Abbott 215-2059 [email protected] Pro-Life Joe Crawford 269-3968 [email protected] Health Dr. Gene Harris 278-0705 [email protected] Youth Director Raul Gutierrez 703-3397 [email protected] Membership Director Rich Carey 298-1967 [email protected] Public Relations Director Rich Carey 298-1967 [email protected] Membership Committee Mac McDonald 264-6788 [email protected] Dan Costello 637-9223 [email protected] Dan Wehby 375-2047 [email protected] Faithful Navigator Assembly 3154 Greg Donaldson 655-4106 [email protected] Food Collection Chairman Mac McDonald 264-6788 [email protected] Field Agent Dan Costello 637-9223 [email protected] Web Master Alex Olis 278-0735 [email protected] Editor Joey Caso 269-0760 [email protected]
The Ship’s Log is the official newsletter of the Knights of Columbus Council 7399 in Orange Park, Florida. It is published monthly. Articles and pictures should be E-Mailed to the Editor, Joey Caso at [email protected] Articles of any reasonable nature should be sent as an Attachments in WORD format. Any member, or person connected with a member, is encouraged to submit articles and/or pictures, usually not later than the twenty fifth of the preceding month for inclusion.
The Ship’s Log is available, usually on the first day of each month, in the Council’s website at www. It is mailed to religious with past or present connections with St. Catherine’s, widows of Council members, and Council members who do not have or use E-Mail. Copies are also available in the Narthex of the Church
From the Grand Knight
In keeping with the spirit of our Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson, we must join together now more than ever in prayer and action for the preservation of all human life no matter the stage, especially when there appears to be a friendlier receptiveness and atmosphere toward it by the new administration. The March for Life in Washington this weekend will receive more publicity this year than in previous years simply because of that. Maybe Our Father has signaled that enough is enough. Please be mindful of the many events our council and parish support throughout the year.
Another of our Supreme Knight’s pronouncements has been to be more inclusive with our parish. To that end, we of 7399 have been proactive, and even integral, in this endeavor. Our sponsorship and success of the first parish family party was, to our amazement, quite unexpected. Nearly 200+ parents, children, knights, and ladies joined in a Haut Hall packed gala of food, fun, and games. A continuous in-and-out-flow of guests began at 5pm and didn’t let up until 7:30pm. The knights made several trips to BJ’s that evening as we continued to run out of food and snacks, a very good thing indeed, and a wonderful testament to our planning and management team, Rich
volunteers that cooked and manned the games. So many happenings this past month, busy, busy, busy. We had a spelling bee, a poster contest, an essay contest, a free throw contest (The winners of each have all moved on to the regionals), a Kingsley cleanup in the rain, a chalice transfer, and a corporate communion. Thanks to contestants Alyssa Ranieri, Matthew Stratton, Robert Morris, Anthony Guthrie, Elizabeth Tremble, Peyton, and Angel Huertas. Special kudo’s to Xavier Crosby, Brother Dan Costello’s grandson, for winning the regional spelling bee. Xavier was honored for this achievement at our social this past Thursday, and he will soon move on to the state finals.
We sponsored the Challenge Enterprise Dance again this year, with well over 80 attendees all having a great time dancing to the DJ music and eating assorted hoagie sandwiches, cheese, meat, and fruit trays. Special thanks to Brother Dan and Diane Costello, our family of the month as well.
Our knights cooked breakfast on the 14th and 15th of January for those 50 parishioners on confirmation retreat down at Lake Asbury Retreat Center. Thanks to Brothers Jay Heather and Joe Caso for heading that up.
Our 4th degree brothers, in regalia, participated in a once in a lifetime event over at Holy Family. We carried the special statue of Our Lady of Fatima at the Mass dedicated to her. A great honor indeed.
1. Hopefully a new Miss Piggy. We are in the final birth pangs of building this thing, and maybe, just maybe, it will be ready for March.
2. Please support our spaghetti dinner on the 4th. You can purchase your tickets through PayPal on our website.
3. A BBQ on the 26th of Feb.
Tom Scherch Grand Knight Council 7399
Carey and Robyn Spencer, plus the many
Those in Need of Our Prayers
All Priests and Religious.
For All Military and their families.
Please Pray for the unborn children.
Please Pray for all those who are being persecuted in the name of Christ.
Please pray for the spiritual health of our country.
For the repose soul of Brother Rick Uhrie's mother. 30-Jan-2017
Please pray for Brother Dennis Hall's sister in law, she had a stroke and heart attack. 20-Jan-2017
Please keep Brother Rick Uhrie's family in your prayers, his father-in-law passed on earlier this week. 17-Jan-2017
Please pray for Doug Termilliger for inoperable cancer, next door neighbor of a Brother Knight. 12-Jan-2017
Please pray for Amalia Filipkowski injured in an auto accident, grand daughter of Brother Tom Filipkowski. 12-Jan-2017
Please pray for Imogene Sullivan, declining in health, mother of Brother George Roberts. 12-Jan-2017
Please pray for Lisa Mathews who is grieving the loss of her husband, friend of Brother Tom McNicholas. 12-Jan-2017
wear a brace on hips, grandson of Brother Phil Robbins. 12-Jan-2017
Please pray for Agatha & Michael Caso health issues, parents of Brother Joe Caso. 12-Jan-2017
Please pray for Bill Culp for heart bypass, Brother Bob Culp's brother. 12-Jan-2017
Please pray for Sharon Galbo, sister of Brother Jay, for her heart condition. 12-Jan-2017
Please pray for Brother Jessie Palmer. 12-Jan-2017
Please pray for JoAnn Pilliod, spouse of Brother Jim Pilliod, for she is having Parkinson Disease symptoms. 10-Nov-2016
Please pray for Robert Counts, has bi-polar disorder due to PTSD. Son of our Brother Vanoy Counts. 10-Nov-2016
Please pray for Beth Hamilton, she has liver disease. 10-Nov-2016
Please pray for Shelby Collins, daughter of Brother Jack Davitt. She is having serious lung problems. 9-Nov-2016
Please pray for Billy Finegaw, has cancer. Friend of Brother Jack Davitt. 9-Nov-2016
Most merciful Father, your beloved Son showed special compassion to lepers, tenderness to those long sick, and healing to the infirm laid before him. We place before you all those who are ill and in need of healing grace. May the love and mercy of the Divine Physician raise up all who suffer from sickness and restore them to health and peace. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P.
Please pray for Clark Mclnnis he needs to
Knights’ Calendar
06 Mon Officers’ & Directors’ Meeting – 7:00PM – Upper Room
09 Thu Council Business Meeting – 7:00PM – Haut Hall
12 Sun Monthly Breakfast – After 8:00AM and 10:00AM Masses – Haut Hall – Team B *All Knights' widows eat free
23 Thu Monthly Social – 6:30PM – Haut Hall
26 Sun BBQ Sunday
01 Wed Ash Wednesday Souper Supper / Easter Food Basket collection starts and runs all month
05 Sun Chalice Transfer
06 Mon Officers’ & Directors’ Meeting – 7:00PM – Upper Room
09 Thu Council Business Meeting – 7:00PM – Haut Hall
11 Sat Kingsley Avenue Cleanup – 8:00AM / Membership Drive
12 Sun Monthly Breakfast – After 8:00AM and 10:00AM Masses – Haut Hall – Team A *All Knights' widows eat free / Membership Drive
23 Thu Monthly Social – 6:30PM – Haut Hall
28 Tue Assembly 3154 Meeting – 7:00PM – Moses Room
Reminder: Good of the Order prayer minute – every night at 9pm.
February Birthdays Charles (Mac) Mc Donald 01 Gabrial Connor 02 Terry Beechum 08 Anthony McCabe 09 Bruce Bullinger 10 Juan Moreno 10 Michael Miller 11 Randall Coates 17 Craig Moore 18 David Kollasch 19 Peter J. Sikora 19 Daniel Allen 21
Anthony Santana 23 Luis Diaz 24
Editor’s Note: In the past, The Supreme Council used to send our Financial Secretary a roster of members including the member’s name, the member’s spouse’s name and their anniversary date. Unfortunately, this is no longer done and the only way we can keep current on the following list is to have you, the member, give us the data. If you are missing from the following list or want to check your presence or absence from another month, please E-Mail or call me, Joey Caso Jr., the new editor. I’ll get the anniversaries updated with the data I have.
February Anniversaries Dennis & Lyn Hall 05 Charles & Johanna Eichhorn 08 Craig & Evelyn MacLeod 08 Dave & Vicki Counts 14
10 Fri Father Daughter Dance
From the Lady Knights
A new year and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday. All the masses were inspiring and the decorations were wonderful. I especially liked the trees at the entrance that were decorated by all our different Christian Communities. The one thing I love about Christmas at St. Catherine’s is how everyone enjoys the spirit together and is so welcoming to everyone, whether you come to mass regularly, or only on the holidays.
Don’t forget the Annunciation Spaghetti Dinner that will be held Feb 4. We will be helping to decorate the hall and also donating and serving the dessert.
At our next social, we would like to send out a special invitation to all our widows. They are all still part of our family, and we want to show them our love. Remember, the social will be February 23 at 6:30.
Now we are on the heels of our next celebration, which is Lent. A tradition we have at St. Catherine’s is our Souper Supper that happens every Friday during Lent. The Knights and the Lady Knights will be hosting the first Souper Supper, which will be March 3 in Haut Hall. If you would like to help cook, be at Haut Hall about 3:30, or about 4:00 if you’d like to serve. The Supper will end at 6:30, just before the Stations of the Cross. This is a great way to observe the Lenten season.
Vicki Counts President of the Lady Knights
The March for Life
I have watched the D.C. March for Life on EWTN for years. I have marched for Life in St Augustine and in Jacksonville. It's been a dream to March in DC with all the enthusiastic young people, and all the many Catholic organizations like the Knights. This year the dream came true, and how special it was! To see and hear Vice President Pence and his wife and Kelly Conway- in person! To hear their messages of hope, support, and concern for all: the unborn and their parents, the medical and other personnel involved, families, even concern for those opposed to ending abortions. Vice-president Pence seemed so gentle in quiet strength.
All the speakers, an array from many walks of life, were inspiring. The way President Trump turned the media toward the truth of this March was a gift from the Lord. Let us keep praying for the Lord to bless our country with many, many conversions to the cause of supporting life for all, from conception to natural death.
Bernadette Crawford Lady Knight
8 January Monthly Breakfast
Raul Gutierrez / Dr. Gene Harris
PGK Mac McDonnell / Scott Stininger
Dave Wiltsey / Raul Gutierrez
Kingsley Avenue Clean-up
For the odd-month-second-Saturday Kingsley Avenue Cleanup on January 14, 2017, our attendance was better than the weather. It started to rain soon after we started, although it was really just a sprinkle, and certainly not enough to make us call it quits for the day. A big thank you to the following volunteers: Richard Zastrow with children Syd & Zac, Joey Caso, Dan Wehby, Dennis and Cheryl Abbott, Richard Zerza, and Brian Schaefer. The next cleanup is scheduled for March 11, 2017.
Vivat Jesus, Wolfgang Kraus
DJ = "The Deputy"
21 January Family Game Night
Jose Ramirez
Super Rich Carey Ana Aguirre
Chris Hutter Justin Pascoe looking at the top of Fr. Ignatius' head
Knight of the Month
We would like to honor our Deputy Grand Knight this month for continuously availing himself to the unremitting call to do God’s Work, and specifically, for his dynamic management of the first council sponsored parish family party, where nearly 200 parents and children joined in a fun filled evening of food and games. Brother Rich Carey is living the
do” with his involvement in so many activities around St. Catherines. To name a few, beside the many council events and DGK duties, Rich’s involvement includes: Usher, CRHP, Filipino community activities, helping design the new parish app, and maintaining the parish website, all while being an active father and husband. If one was to define the meaning of knighthood in our council, Rich Carey would be the poster-man.
Tom Scherch Grand Knight Council 7399
Family of the Month
This month, our insurance rep Brother Dan Costello, his wife, Diane, and their grandson, Xavier, get the nod for family of the month, in particular, for chairing the Challenge Enterprise Dance, which they do every year. The Costellos can always be counted on to help out in a pinch. While it is part of the job, Dan is not a hard sell. His soft approach, filled with insightful stories designed to make sense of a difficult subject matter, seems to work with the council. At some time during our knighthood, we should all consider having him look over the books for us, so to speak, and make sure we are as comfortable as we think we might be.
Tom Scherch Grand Knight Council 7399