the skills landscape – 2012 and beyond rob wye, chief executive, lsis

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The skills landscape – 2012 and beyond Rob Wye, Chief Executive, LSIS

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The skills landscape – 2012 and beyond Rob Wye, Chief Executive, LSIS. Great Expectations – part one. Sector to determine own destiny – no blueprint – real freedoms Leaders of learning in communities – and importance of strong leadership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The skills landscape 2012 and beyond

    Rob Wye, Chief Executive, LSIS

  • Great Expectations part oneSector to determine own destiny no blueprint real freedomsLeaders of learning in communities and importance of strong leadershipHigh quality teaching and learning, content and qualificationsEconomic development, enterprise and regenerationUnderstanding and meeting community needs

  • Great Expectations part twoHarnessing the expertise of business for currency and knowledgeStudent loans, co-funding and new funding approaches both pre and post 19Performance reporting and better information to improve choiceImproved outcomes qualifications and jobsMore with less

  • Young At Heart.....Raising the Participation AgeFundingAcademiesWhat to teachLearners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities

  • An Inspector Calls......Overall improvementBut on average inspected colleges decliningWhile WBL and ACL improvingNo outstanding teaching and learningImpact of turnover of senior team/interimsImpact of poor governanceOFSTED will review progression to employmentNeed for effective use of data and speedy response

  • Little by Little.....Poor teaching and learning characterised by little interaction too much controllow expectationslittle stretchlow interest

  • LSIS updateSector owned, sector led, sector delivered60% of funds to sector, rising to 70%157m, 64m, 31m.......Staff down by 25-30% - saving 2m pa to reinvestApprentices doubledNew structureNew Board membersNew Council membersNew partnership agreements

  • Brave New World....New Challenges, New Chances from BISColleges in their Communities NIACE, AoC, 157LSIS/RSA Public Services Hub 2020 report a possible future

    New Freedoms: New Focus strategic frameworkStrategic Intentions 2011-14LSIS Improvement Services 2011-12

  • Five ways......

    Accelerating improved teaching, training and learning inspiring practice, improving effectiveness.

    Reinvigorating curriculum design by building further capability and capacity for innovative and effective development of learning programmes.

    Enhancing leadership, governance and management for improvement, innovation and change.

    Energising improvement through new ways of working, innovation and efficiency.

    Supporting the sector to influence the future - using policy analysis, research and strategic intelligence, locally and nationally.

  • April 2011: FE 2020 Report

  • Fast forward....A challenging futureWith FE and skills at the heartEconomic successSocial cohesionCommunity engagementYour LSISHere to support youImproving together