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The Society for Physically Handicapped, Ahmedabad, Gujarat is an autonomous NGO working for the Orthopedically handicapped people since 1976. Started as a small group of people, now institution has its own large building in the heart of the Ahmedabad city. Building is having hostel facility for handicapped persons, a physiotherapy unit, a conference hall and training facilities for different courses and age groups. At present society has more than 6000 members. Since its inception Society is working for the welfare of physically handicapped persons through various activities like seminars, talks, get-togethers, presentations to the government departments and physically handicapped persons.Since the beginning society is also organizing various national level, state level, and district level sports activities every year. The Society has earned various state and national awards also. These includes National Award for the Social Welfare for Physically Handicapped and National Award for Outstanding Employer of Physically Handicapped. We are also affiliated with Paralympic Committee of India and such other national level organizations.


  • 1. The Society for Physically Handicapped, AhmedabadThe SPHA www.thespha.org1

2. Contents 1Once Upon a Time2Chronology3The SPHA4Paralympic Committee5History in Pictureswww.thespha.org2 3. Ones Upon a Time Earlier in 1975 the few college students gathered on a ground for physical training exam. The PT teacher, without any physical test or any examination passed all the students who were disabled. These disabled students felt guilty. So they decided to meet the principal. www.thespha.org3 4. Ones Upon a Time The principal agreed and arranged different types of games which could be played by the disabled persons. As a result all disabled persons successfully passed PT examination with their own self esteemed They proved their special abilities. www.thespha.org4 5. Ones Upon a Time All those disabled persons realized that if we unite and work for the disabled we can get good result for our self respect. For our special abilities. This leads to creation of The Society for Physically Handicapped (The SPHA), whose main goal at that time was sports activities for the disabled persons. www.thespha.org5 6. Some Earlier Chronology In 1976 THE SOCIETY FOR PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED AHMEDABAD came into existence. In 1979 recognized as a State Level Sports Association by Government of Gujarat. In 1980, 1981, 1982 and 1983 Successfully Arranged National Athletics Sports Events / Meets for Persons with Disabilities (PwD) First time in India. www.thespha.org6 7. Some Earlier Chronology Since 1984 to till date we are arranging State Level athletic sports for PwD in all discipline. Also arranging volleyball and other indoor / outdoor events time to time. Many players from our organisation got prize in National and International events in different category. www.thespha.org7 8. The SPHAwww.thespha.org8 9. The SPHAwww.thespha.org9 10. The SPHAwww.thespha.org10 11. The SPHAwww.thespha.org11 12. The Society for Physically Handicapped, AhmedabadParalympic Movement www.thespha.org12 13. Paralympic Committee of Gujarat We are also a part of International Paralympic Movement and also a part of Paralympic Committee of India.www.thespha.org13 14. Paralympic Committee of Gujarat International Paralympic Committee situated in Germany is responsible for all paralympic games in the world. We are associated with them as a Paralympic Committee of Gujarat.www.thespha.org14 15. Paralympic Committee of Gujarat Paralympic Committee of India is Recognised by Govt. of India PCI is Affiliated Member of IPC Germany, IWAS, UK and APC Malaysiawww.thespha.org15 16. Paralympic Committee of Gujarat Our Secretary Mr. Kanti Parmar is recently elected as a Joint secretary in Paralympic Committee of India.www.thespha.org16 17. The Society for Physically Handicapped, AhmedabadHistory in Pictures www.thespha.org17 18. National Event in Gujaratwww.thespha.org18 19. National Event in Gujaratwww.thespha.org19 20. National Event in Gujaratwww.thespha.org20 21. High JUMP www.thespha.org21 22. Swimming www.thespha.org22 23. ChessCarom www.thespha.org23 24. Bird View www.thespha.org24 25. Tricycle Race in National Eventwww.thespha.org25 26. With Ajit Vadekar, Sunil Gavaskar, Mukesh Khanna and With Ajit Vadekar, Sunil Gavaskar, Mukesh Khanna and Sandip Patil Sandip Patil With Mohammed AjaruddinWith Geet Shethi www.thespha.org26 27. Shri Fakirbhai Vaghela And Shri Haren Pandya Smt. Anandiben PatelShri Ashokbhai Bhattwww.thespha.orgShri Harin Pathak27 28. Shri V S GadhviShri Ishwarbhai Makawana and Shri Ratilal VarmaChief General Manager State Bank of India28 29. Shri Bhaskar MehtaShri www.thespha.orgMahendrabhai Trivedi29 30. www.thespha.org30


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