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  • 1. the Soda Fountain invented by: Samuel Fahnestock presentation by: Olivia McFarlin
  • 2. SamuelFahnestocko Born: 1764 inLancaster,Pennsylvaniao Had a wife, Barbara,and 6 kidso Invented/patentedsoda fountain - 1819o Died: 1836 72years old
  • 3. What is the sodafountain?
  • 4. A sodafountain is adevice thatdispensescarbonateddrinks
  • 5. Before mechanicalrefrigeration, soda fountainsused ice to cool drinks and icecream
  • 6. Why did Samuel do it?To quench the social demand for carbonated soft drinks It was early 19th century when SamuelFahnestock patented the soda fountain. It was a reaction to consumer desires, new technologies, and fresh ideas about supply and demand
  • 7. SodaFountainsaround the In the early/mid 19th century,world carbonated water just started to make big in London with Jacob Schweppes invention of a mass-produced method for carbonating water This was a start for many different brands of soda to be offered for the soda fountain
  • 8. Soda Fountains from China TexasRussia
  • 9. 1807 The first British patentfor carbonated water was givento Henry ThompsonAlthough commonly calledsoda water this drinkcontained no soda at all.
  • 10. How doesthe sodafountain work?
  • 11. This device combines flavored syrup (commonly dispensed from a bag-in-box, well talk about that later),carbon dioxide, and water to make soft drinks
  • 12. Parts/Supplie s 4-Flavor Soda Fountain
  • 13. System Includes:Four (4) Flojet syrup pumpsmounted on a mounting stripA complete set of primary andsecondary CO2 gaugesFour (4) BIB connectorsOne (1) Eight (8) button Wunder-Barsoda dispensing gunOne (1) carbonatorOne (1) remote cooling unitOne (1) 5 lb CO2 tankOne (1) preset water regulatorOne (1) installation kit (pincer tooland O-clamps)
  • 14. When first created a soda fountain cost only $70But now for only a 4-Flavor fountain its $1,885.00
  • 15. Bag-In-Box system William R. Scholle, in 1955,invented the first commercial bag-in-box system. Safe transportation anddispensing of battery acid were twoof many things that made the bag-in-box system a great thing. Sogreat its still used today.
  • 16. Why did people continue to build upon the soda fountain making itbetter and better?
  • 17. because Soda fountains, either in a diner, candy store, or on often traveled streets, brought neighbors together to socialize and exchange community news. In the early 20th century, many fountains expanded their menus and became lunch counters, serving light meals as well as ice cream soda.
  • 18. If that was the case when whydid they go out-of-
  • 19. North Americanretail stores changed from foutains to self-service vending machines selling pre-packaged soft drinks in cans, the soda fountain didnt fit into the new sales scheme. Today only a few of vintage soda fountains are still in service.
  • 20. Soft drinks in cans dispensed from vending machinesAnd in 1965 The resealable top was invented
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