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Presentation for the ERE Expo 2012 Fall, presented by Brian Flanagan


  • 1. Brian Flanagan, Regional Director, Global Talent Team

2. 2012$30 billion70,000 Associates11 billion-dollar brands300+ locationsStill family-owned 3. By Putting our Principles into Action, we makea difference to People and the Planet through Performance 4. Our Our Challenge Challenge Ah, the Mars bar. Thats part of Hersheys, right? 5. How we got here In the past, Mars approach to Employer Branding has been restricted to local market ini=a=ves and no global governance. In 2007, with the re-branding of all of our legacy businesses to Mars, we started a journey of building a more visible corporate brand. The Employer Brand followed, and over the past 3 years, the majority of local ini=a=ves have been stopped and two approaches were developed. Although both meant a step forward for our EB, we believed that, neither had the poten=al to assume a global lead. 6. Why we failed in the past Lack of global clarity/guidance lots of not invented here Underinvestment compared to other key brands Remaining on campaign level vs. holis=c approach Lack of integra=on of marke=ng, corporate aairs Varying level of exper=se in the EB eld Inconsistent messaging across regions and businesses Varying quality of execu=on Below-average performance compared to rest of the industry 7. The Results 8. Mindset ShiY 9. Step-change in our way of thinking FROM: developing adver=sing campaigns with nice crea=ve concepts and appealing imagery TO: crea=ng an overarching employer branding strategy, covering: global brand essence based on target group insights, and in line with the rest of the corporate communica=ons exible creaBve framework with room for local adapta=ons experBse for holisBc implementaBon (target group insights genera=on, routes to market, sourcing strategies) 10. The Brieng 11. Some challenges Brand & crea=ve framework need to work across all 6 segments and all regions Needs to work with acquisi=ons (Wrigley, Royal Canin) that need to: be integrated under the Mars umbrella yet maintain their unique brand equity Dierent markets will have dierent themes, and areas of focus. Our framework needs to be broad enough to accommodate that, and at the same =me be specic and to the point so as not to come across as generic. Layering of messages: overall Mars message vs. local/segment specic message (i.e. Petcare vs Chocolate)? Some brand promises will work very well in some markets, but not at all in others. (i.e. graduate development) 12. More Challenges The Yeah Right effect not believing in the importance of our principles or the uniqueness of our culture Coming across as trite PIA trying to save the world Blending in with the crowd everyone claims to have values, offer great opportunities and focus on the individual Not being authentic we must be able to deliver on the brand promise Not being relevant does what matters to us matter to our target groups? Budget we cant be the loudest, so how do we stand out from the crowd? 13. Learnings Generally, people do not comprehend the size and breadth of our business Unlike our competitors, we are decades behind in opening up and establishing our corporate brand vs. product brands. We therefore need to work much harder in establishing Mars, Inc as a brand Some markets have established EB brands with strong recognition (UK, Germany, NL). Some have no brand recognition (US). Some are tied to a particular product we produce (Galaxy in Middle East) We are a business of great brands: they need to support but not lead our employer branding image Our Five Principles are at the core of our DNA, and easily understood internally. They are difficult to bring across externally in a credible way 14. Dening the Brand 15. The Essence 16. The Silver Bullet or not 17. Our Brand Promise 18. Posi=oning Statement 19. Storytelling brings our employment oer to life 20. How to tell our story 21. THE CREATIVES 22. The Market: Look & Feel 23. The Market: Tone & Style 24. Our posi=onings 25. Crea=ve Challenge Challenge OurUnite powerful brands with powerful stories in a unique way 26. Employer Branding: US 27. INTEGRATING OUR ACQUIRED BUSINESSES 28. The Results Times Top 100 Graduate Employers Best Ad 2011 Mars US enters Universum Top 100 RAD Awards Top 3 Interna=onal Campaigns Top 50 Global Employer 29. Campaign vs. brand Brand Guidebook Brand Deployment Brand Portal Handbook Employer Brand Council Key markets, global HR, global Corporate Aairs, Global Marke=ng, Agency Partners


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