the taylor shapes by devin taylor. cube it is a cube i found it in my bed room from mine craft

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  • THE TAYLOR SHAPES By Devin Taylor
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  • CUBE It is a cube I found it in my bed room from mine craft
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  • RECTANGLE This is my fish tank it is a rentanger prism
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  • SPHERE This is my sphere it is my bask ball
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  • RECTANGLE This is my rectangle it is my cabinet door
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  • PARRE LINES This are my porch raling
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  • OCTAGON It is a octagon it is in my uncle Geralds house
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  • CYLINDER It is a pipe I found in the work shop
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  • TRIANGLE This is a triangle I took it off the Tractor
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  • INTERSECTING Intersecting they are spokes on the wheel on the grain drill
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  • PENTAGON This a pentagon in the midde of the stare I found it in the barn
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  • SQUARE This is my square it is a coster
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  • PERPENDICULAR LINES This are the perpendicular lines on my foor
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  • CONE This is my cone it is ice cream cone I found it in my moms freezer