the treaty of versailles the end of wwi. what was the treaty of versailles? tttthe peace settlement...

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  • The Treaty of Versailles The End of WWI
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  • What was the Treaty of Versailles? TTTThe peace settlement signed after WWI ended SSSSigned at the Versailles Palace in France TTTThe Big Three DDDDavid Lloyd George of England WWWWoodrow Wilson of USA GGGGeorges Clemenceau of France The Major question: How to pay for the damages?
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  • Some WWI Statistics WWI left Europe devastated Britain:750,000 killed, 1.5 million wounded France:1.4 million killed, 2.5 million wounded Belgium:50,000 killed Italy: 600,000 killed Russia: 1.7 million killed USA: 116,000 killed Germany: 2 million soldiers killed Austria-Hungary: 1.2 million killed Turkey: 325,000 killed Bulgaria 100,000 killed Total deaths equals 8.5 million, 21 million wounded
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  • The Attitudes towards Germany Britains Attitude Germany should be punished, but not so much that the people would turn to Communism, like what was happening in Russia The British public wanted severe repercussions for Germany Had to go with popular opinion, rather than gut feeling
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  • The Attitudes towards Germany FFFFrances Attitude BBBBring Germany to their knees so that it could never start a war again TTTThis reflected the French public as well GGGGermany had destroyed the north- east corner of France displacing 750,000 French people. This deserved a total reprimand.
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  • Attitudes towards Germany USA Attitudes Wilson and the USA were stunned by the atrocities of WWI. Questioned how a civilized country could create that much devastation American public wanted to be isolated from Europe, wanted limited input on the Treaty Wilson wanted Germany to be punished but in a way that would lead to reconciliation, not revenge
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  • What did the Treaty do to Germany? -Took away vast amounts of land from the Germany territory -Alsace-Lorraine given to France -West Prussia given to Poland -The League of Nations took over Germanys overseas colonies -Return land to Russia taken away in the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk: New Countries of Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia
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  • German Military Germanys army reduced to 100,000 men and no tanks Germany was not allowed an airforce Only allowed 6 naval ships A DMZ was established along the Rhine river, Germany not allowed to cross over
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  • Three Critical Aspects 1. Germany had to admit full responsibility for the war 2. Since Germany was responsible for the war, it had to pay full reparations mainly in France and Belgium 3. A League of Nations was established to keep world peace
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  • Germanys Choices They could either sign the Treaty Or, be invaded by the allies Since their armies were completely disbanded, they had no choice but to sign it