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Are you a marketer or PR professional who wants to be even better at your job? Or, just wondering what it takes to have a great career in the marketing world? Look no further. The Muse asked some of the best marketing and PR professionals out their for their secrets to success, and brought it all together in one place. Flip through for their practical tips and resources for upping your career game. For exciting job opportunities, expert advice, and a peek behind the scenes into fantastic companies and career path check out the Everything you need to find a job and kick ass in your career.


  • How to Be a Better Marketing & PR Professional Professional Development Guides from
  • We know you want to BE AWESOME at your job!
  • So, we picked the brains of some marketing & PR experts to find out how they've gotten so good. Elliott Bell Director of Marketing at The Muse Ashley Cobert PR Account Executive for Primum Marketing Communications Naomi Garnice Creative Services Manager at TP Orthodontics, Inc. Paolina Milana Content Marketing & Audience Engagement Strategist for YP
  • Are you ready for it? it'll be a HUGE help to your career. (And only take a little time to flip through.) Whether youre just getting started or youre ready to move to the top,
  • First, well talk about the skills you need. And then well give you the resources to make it happen. Let's get started.
  • So what skills does one need to develop to be a superstar marketer or PR mogul?
  • Well, there are the obvious ones.
  • Having a good set of COMMUNICATION SKILLSis necessary.
  • While the latest tools and tech gadgets are useful, what matters most is the message. To that end, I've further developed my content strategies to speak to target audiences in ways that resonate with them, and I've taken the time to write professionally and personally for other social and online platforms.
  • I remember studying self-monitoring in a communications class in college. I never expected how important that would be, especially when you're working with clients. You have to be willing to adjust to your audience. How you speak to media contacts, client contacts, and your boss are all very different. The more you're able to adjust and present yourself most appropriately in any given situation, the more successful you'll be in PR.
  • Knowing everything you can about B RAN D ING is also key.
  • Branding is a very simple concept, but can be one of the hardest skills to master. It essentially boils down to how you make people think and feel about your company. It goes beyond a name, logo, taglineeven beyond the products you're promoting. I think about brand in terms of every touch point with our customers. How do people feel when they read about us online or talk to our customer service? It should be consistent, postive, and always representative of who we are as a company.
  • But there are other skills that people tend to overlook.
  • Knowing some key SALES STRATEGIES can do you wonders.
  • You have to: Understand what makes people tick Be able to sell your message like you would sell a product Be comfortable cold- calling (or emailing) potential partners
  • I actually started in sales and believe that was the best thing I could have done for my career as a marketer. Marketers "communicate" in an ideal world where everyone loves what they have to say. In reality, most people are too busy or don't care about what you have to say. Sales gave me the ability to understand what clients really care about and how to reach them.
  • Having some TECH SKILLS is becoming increasingly valuable.
  • Knowing the newest in social media Understanding SEO and other online marketing strategies Learning how to market in a mobile world
  • Staying on top of today's ever-evolving tools and technologieswhile challengingis a must. Working with the guys at AppNRG helped me learn and develop useful skills related to mobile technologies and market- ing. Deciding to create my own website from scratchrekindled my inner techie.
  • You should also know the ins and outs of analytics.
  • Knowing how to measure the impact of different campaigns is vital in figuring out what worksand what doesnt.
  • It's really important to be comfortable with data because it should play a role in everything you do. Every time you spend money or time doing something in marketing, you should be able to track it and show a positive ROI. If you can't, then you probably shouldn't have been doing it.
  • But in the marketing & PR world, the ability to MAKE CONNECTIONS might be the most important skill of all.
  • The larger (and stronger) your network is, the easier it will be to form partnerships and get people to spread the word.
  • I'm continually expanding my professional network online by bulking up on quality contacts on LinkedIn and sharing my own approach to content marketing with weekly posts to my blog, More than Words.
  • I meet with as many people in my field as I can. I don't care what company they work for or what industry they focus on. I love finding out what their challenges are, how they are solving them, and most importantly, just what we are both working on. Great ideas and chances to learn come from some of the most interesting places if you go and look for them.
  • Now that we're on the same page about what skills you need, let's talk about how to get there.
  • We asked our experts what resources have been helpful along the way, and pulled together an official RESOURCE GUIDE for your marketing & PR development.
  • Earlier this year, I read a book by Peter Shankman, Can We Do That?!. It's not a new book, but it explores some crazy PR ideas and stunts that are still very relevant. After a couple years of working at an agency, it's easy to revert to execution and forget about brainstorming. It's very important for your clients, and for your own sanity, to constantly be searching for that new idea. This book served as inspiration for me and reinvigorated my creativity after hitting a lull.
  • In an effort to continue honing my brand strategy and content marketing skills, I've become seriously addicted to a couple of magazines and blogs. Inc. is basically The Rolling Stone of marketing strategy pubs. Articles feature leaders throughout the marketing and social media industry. Graphic Design USA helps me sharpen my creative edge by showing the latest trending design and production effects.
  • EVENTS TO ATTEND Any event that allows you to meet and greet with media is ideal. Meeting media contacts in person in a casual setting allows you to mingle without the pressure of getting a story. Establish the relationship over drinks before pitching them a story.
  • CLASSES TO TAKE Write Emails That People Will Actually Read A Data Driven Approach to PR Introduction to SEO Email Strategy Development Web Analytics: Measuring the Full Customer Journey to Understand ROI Foundations for a Visual PR Strategy
  • CLASSES TO TAKE 10 Essentials for Getting Started in Content Marketing No News? No Problem! Maintaining Great Media Coverage Year-Round How to Create a Brand Strategy that Works LinkedIn for Brands and Businesses True Influence More Followers, More Engagement, Less Time!
  • EXPERTS TO FOLLOW Follow any media contacts you are pitching.
  • Nowit's time to go out into the world and get better at rocking your career! (We know you can do it.)
  • And, if you want a little more help along the way? Keep up with for the advice you need to build the career you've always dreamed of. Get Career Advice Browse Marketing & PR Jobs Sign Up for Classes All photos courtesy of Shutterstock. Or follow us on:

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