the vladimir propp theory

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The Vladimir Propp Theory. By Dexter Fenton. Hero. Leads the Story Can be male or female Attempts to solve the problem. Villain. Challenges the hero from stopping the problem Can be one of the causes of the problem. The Heroine. A reward for the hero - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Vladimir Propp Theory

The Vladimir Propp TheoryBy Dexter FentonHeroLeads the StoryCan be male or femaleAttempts to solve the problem

VillainChallenges the hero from stopping the problemCan be one of the causes of the problem

The HeroineA reward for the heroCan be female or male dependant on the hero

The FatherAn authoritative figure often providing the reward or heroineThe DonorSomeone who provides the hero with an item to help them

The MentorThe person who teaches the hero the necessary skills to solve the problem

The Helper(s)The sidekick(s) of the hero to help him on his journey