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    A large dog suspected of attacking five pet sheep resulting in their deaths is being quarantined while the owners decide its fate. The owner of the sheep, Andrew Penniket, said they were brutally attacked last Wednesday night on their Studholme Road property. People need to know the other side of their pet, Andrew said. His sheep were ten to 12-years-old and big, strong, healthy animals, which would have required an extremely vicious attack to do the damage he found, he said. Andrew found one of the familys five pet sheep dead and the other four so badly mangled he had to put them down. He posted a sign on Mount Aspiring Road asking residents if they knew

    where their dogs were on Wednesday night, reinforced by the sight of one of the dead animals nearby. Andrew was then approached by a resident who lives locally who is the owner of a large dog who

    suspected his pet may have been responsible, he said. The man, who wants to remain anonymous, told Andrew he would contain his dog for a week and if there were no further attacks in the area he would assume his pet was responsible and make a final decision on the fate of the animal.

    As well as losing the

    much loved family pets, three of whom, Basil, Daphne and Jasper are pictured here in happier times, Andrew has had to pay for a digger to bury them because of their large size. He left

    a message for the dog control officer at Lakes Environmental, but has not yet been contacted which surprises him. I was told they were responsible for helping with things like this but havent heard anything. Sergeant Paul Crosswell of Wanaka Police said he was unaware of the dog in question, and while it

    remained a private matter was unable to comment. If charges are laid however the law is quite clear, he said. According to the Dog Control Act 1996, if a court is satisfied that a dog has been

    identified after attacking stock, it must order its destruction unless there are exceptional circumstances. The dogs owner is liable for all the costs of the damage incurred and can be fined up to $3000 in addition to the costs.

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    Little ones go large

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    Tramping for 10 years

    His sheep were ten to 12-years-old and big, strong, healthy animals, which

    would have required an extremely vicious attack to do the damage he found.

    After a class on juggling, children clowning around during the school holiday programme included (back from left): Hunter Kee, Ava Venn, Kalani Muirhead, Georgie Gillespie, Lily King and Thomas Duberly, (middle from left): Briah Sinclair, Lily Ashe, Saffron Millar, Ty Muirhead and Reuben Collet, (front from left): Oscar Goodwin, Hunter Tuck, Lily Wilson and Skye Anderson.

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    dog attack on pet sheep

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    Exotic avenue for Ardmore StreetCaroline Harker

    An avenue of 14 exotic trees is planned for upper Ardmore Street, and if all goes well they will be planted before next winter. QLDC project manager Rob Darby said three options have been selected based on size and form, colour, hardiness and proven suitability to Wanaka conditions.

    T h e t r e e s a r e A c e r p l a t a n o i d e s ( N o r w a y Maple), Nyssa sylvatica

    (Black Gum) and Fraxinus velutina (Arizona Ash).

    All three are deciduous. Acer platanoides and Nyssa sylvatica are both known for their autumn colour, and grow to about 18m in height. Flaxinus veluntina is a smaller tree growing to about 10m. The trees will be irrigated and a power cable will be installed so they can be lit up in the future. A public meeting regarding the plan will be held in early August.

    Wanaka Community Board member Ken Copland said effluent from trucks carrying livestock is making local roads look shocking and is concerned the nearest effluent dump is at Raes Junction. He said with increasing dairying in the Upper Clutha the situation was likely to get worse and something should be done about it.

    Roads shockingWork is completed on the section of Mount Aspiring Road from Far Horizon to Rippon vineyard and project manager Rob Darby told the community board it looks wonderful. Im very happy with the finish, he said. It will have a very nice park-like feel. Work will continue from Far Horizon back to Meadowstone Drive in September.

    Mt Aspiring Rd rehabilitation

    Real estate tribunal chargesA charge of misconduct against a Wanaka real estate agent from a property sale at 20 Scaife Place in January 2009 will proceed after conflicting accounts were presented to the Real Estate Authority. The charge alleges during the course of the sale of property which he had a financial interest in, Harcourts agent Paul Miller misled David and Edna McAtamney by advising them that there was no concern neighbouring Mount Aspiring College would build on the playing field to the north of the property and any buildings, if built, would be situated well away

    from the area in front of their property.

    Following evidence a letter outlining concept plans for

    a proposal to build on the playing field in front of the property was hand delivered to Paul by the college property manager, Ron Moffat, in November 7, 2008, an appeal to have the charges dropped were dismissed by the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal. Paul stated to

    the tribunal he checked his understanding of the proposed development with the property manager who

    confirmed there would be no obstruction of the properties view. Pauls account differs from a statement made by Ron who said he was approached by Paul a few days after receiving the letter and said something about now having to disclose the information about the development.

    The McAtamneys said they inquired to Kate Bull, another agent who had shown them the property, about the development after being alerted to it by a friend.

    According to the tribunal, Kate raised the matter with Paul around this time and he had confirmed there was no development planned for the top field. This was followed by a report from another witness, Stephen Todd, who stated in an email he went with the McAtamneys to a property inspection on December 16, 2008 and Kate told them you will never be built out.

    Pauls account differs from a statement made by Ron.

    Public concern is mounting with regard to water quality in the Upper Clutha and potential damage resulting from intensive farming.

    Hawea film editor and Preserve Our Water (POW) member Kim Fogelberg has written to the Department of Conservation, Fish and Game and other parties expressing her concern regarding a proposed intensive farming operation (presumably dairying) above Hawea Flat.

    The ORC is currently studying this aquifer, but their science is very new, ongoing and unproven, she said. There are no comparable soil and climate conditions in New Zealand,

    therefore we must rely on computer modelling to try and ascertain the effects of such a major change to this land.

    I consider pristine water a valuable commodity (something which is fast disappearing worldwide). Why would we want to risk damaging an obvious asset for a short term gain?

    The effects of intensive farming on this land will not become evident for many yearsand it will take many generations to turn back the clock, she said.

    Another concerned citizen is retired farmer and fisherman Alan Cone. He has made submissions and talked to Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean, the ORC chairman, QLDC engineers

    and various scientists regarding his concerns for the quality of the water in Lake Wanaka.

    He told the Wanaka Sun he has noticed a marked decline in the number of both trout and cockabullies around the lake shore, coinciding with increased levels of algae and lagrosiphon. He said people trolling for fish have been talking about brown slime on their lines since 2003. Alan believes the increase in intensive farming and the resultant use of fertilisers is a prime cause of the problem.

    The ORC need to get their act together, he said. Water Plan change 6A is a wonderful document. They should implement it as fast as they can.

    Concern mountingCaroline Harker

    PHOTO: wAnAkA.Tv

    Acer platanoides. Fraxinus velutina. nyssa sylvatica.

  • Page Thursday 12 July to Wednesday 18 July 2012

    A decision to licence commercial jetboat drivers has received a positive response from operators and Queenstown Lakes Distr ict Counci l harbourmaster Marty Black. The i n t r o d u c t i o n o f t h e l i c e n c e w a s a n n o u n c e d o n Tuesday by Associate Transport Minister Simon Bridges and is a new requirement of Maritime Rule Part 82, which also requires ongoing competency checks for all drivers.

    Its a good thing. We have our own d r i v e r t r a i n i n g

    process which is part of our safety operational plan, but its very good for new drivers, Brent Pihama who operates Wanaka River Journeys said. The rule introduced by Maritime New Zealand will allow existing drivers with at least 12 months experience to be issued transitional licences subject to a safe driving record and drivers being fit and proper persons as defined by the Maritime Transport Act 1994.

    M a r t y s a i d h e i s p l e a s e d t h e legislation is going through but believes

    the legislation for recrea