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    • Money Advice Software - Mortgage and Financial Advisors.
    Building relationships that work for you and your clients.
  • In a nutshell.. The WorksCRM compiles and calculates the necessary data and information to enable advisors provide best advice to their clients in respect of property, mortgage and financial services transactions. The WorksCRM enables you to deliver consistently for your customer, and enables your business to build professional relationships, compliantly.
    • Result of years of research and development with mortgage and financial services professionals
    • Delivers a browser based solution for your client management needs
    • Microsoft .NET 3.5 platform
    • NO NEW hardware installation
    The WorksCRM is a solution built by mortgage and financial professionals to drive long term client relationships. Money Advice made easy
    • Individual agents
    • Broker offices
    • Sales teams
    • Direct sales forces
    • Franchise operations
    • Debt Management and Money Advice specialists
    Suitable users The WorksCRM is a solution built by mortgage and financial professionals to drive long term client relationships.
  • Secure Login
  • Home Page - Dashboard Graph of New Clients Created per month Graph of Sales Calls made per week
    • Calculates client income, expenses, taxes, assets and liabilities
    • Calculates mortgage options and costs across 7 lenders
    • Calculates life protection premiums across 7 life offices.
    • Provides comprehensive client reports.
    • Portfolio Reports
    • Data downloads from insurers- Irish Life, Zurich Life & Hibernian.
    • Proposal uploads to life offices
    • On-line mortgage applications to lenders
    • PHI Quotations and on-line applications - Friends First
    • Zurich House Insurance quotations with on-line proposals & policy issue
    • Payment Protection quotations and proposals with Allianz
    The WorksCRM Features
    • Stores client and product data for mortgages and financial services
    • Workflow managements links inc. tasks, logs, e-mail, diary, Excel
    • Mail and Email merge facility
    • SMS facility
    • Market Segmentation
    • Meeting Memos
    • Document Storage
    • Protection Review Calculator
    • Savings and Pension Calculators
    • Mortgage Comparison and Reduction calculators
    It provides you with a toolkit to manage your client relationships from initial contact right through the relationship cycle. The WorksCRM Workflow Features
  • Client Search Screen
    • Source of Business
    • Terms of Business
    • Mortgage Fact Find
    • Financial Services Fact Find
    • Combined Fact Find
    • Research tools
    • Loan Consolidation Report
    • Product Library
    • Tasks, Logs and Reviews
    • Mortgage, Protection, Savings and Pension Calculators
    The WorksCRM and Compliance Compliance is at its core, enabling you to focus on business development, and let the functionality deliver the right support at the right time.
  • The WorksCRM Reports Fact Find
  • Money Advice Reports
    • Mortgage repayment calculator.
    • Life protection quotations from the Money Advice quotation service. This quotation service is also available on a Smartphone platform
    • Protection Review Calculator
    • Savings, Mortgage Comparison and Mortgage Review Calculators
    • Pension Calculator
    • Financial Illustrator
      • Property costs calculator, including stamp duty
      • Net Disposable Income calculator (including tax calculations)
      • Lender Affordability calculator (7 lenders), including maximum loan
    The WorksCRM Calculators At your fingertips, you can prepare quotations and illustrations, tailored to your clients needs, with accurate and up to date rates and information.
  • Mortgage Repayment Calculator
  • Life Quote Calculator - Money Advice
  • Life Quote Calculator - Money Advice
    • A mobile version of the Money Advice
    • quotation service is available
    • The service provides Term Assurance
    • and Income Protection quotations from
    • all providers
    • This service can be accessed on ALL
    • internet enabled mobile phone devices
    Money Advice Smartphone Quotations
  • Friends First PHI Quotations Generate PHI quotations and upload Proposals.
    • On-Line Mortgage Applications
      • AIB
      • Haven
    • On-Line Life Proposals
      • Irish Life
      • Zurich Life
      • Friends First
      • Aviva
    • On-Line PHI Proposals
      • Friends First
      • Aviva
    Online Submissions Mortgage applications and insurance proposals can be submitted at the touch of a button, to leading providers.
  • Send to B-Line Irish Life
  • Send to Zurich Life
    • Data Downloads
      • Irish Life
      • Zurich Life
      • Hibernian
    • Life Quotes from the Money Advice quotation service
    Client Policy Downloads Regular data downloads ensure you have the correct information by drawing direct from the source.
  • Household Insurance from Zurich BrokerCRM Lite users can earn commissions through the exclusive on-line access to household insurance product pricing and policy issue with Zurich.
  • Payment Protection from Allianz BrokerCRM Lite users can also earn commissions by selling Payment Protection Insurance using the Allianz quotation and proposal facility.
    • Contains a navigation tree
    • Client Summary section
    • Details of important documents created and all other client functionality
    Client Screen View a snapshot of your clients details, and with user-friendly interfaces maintain accurate and up to date information.
  • Client Screen Details of Documents created Client Summary
    • For each client, the system can provide a Financial Illustration this will produce Net Disposable Income and Maximum Loan values (the maximum affordability result for the main lenders in the market)
    • The illustration report feature centres on the initial interview enabling the broker and client to examine the transaction costs, finance options, income calculations, mortgage options and costs and associated life cover protection options. The software generates a well-presented report for broker and clients setting out the calculations.
    Affordability Calculator You have a simple Loan and Financial illustration to show your clients, easy to print off, in a well presented report for clients to take away.
  • Affordability Calculator
    • A loan consolidation analysis can also be done for the client
    • The Loan Consolidation analysis also generates a PDF report, containing all relevant disclaimers
    Loan Consolidation Advice Report Build a consolidation report for your client. Give them their options and produce and print the report immediately.
  • Protection Review Calculator You can analyse a clients full protection needs using the Protectio

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