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Commercial Architectural Modular Wiring 2015/6 Control your world

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TheisCraft Lighting Controls release 2015/16 brochure. Architectural & Commercial lighting controls along with Modular Wiring is outlined along with the companies vision for the industry. Technical support and design for office developments, commercial buildings and residential properties are the main market sectors for our business but any form of lighting can be controlled with our British manufactured range of products.


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Commercial Architectural Modular Wiring

2015/6Control your world

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Welcome to TheisCraft Lighting Controls

TheisCraft manufactures and supplies lighting control(smart lighting) products to the commercial and highend residential sectors. We’ve supplied intelligentsystems to a wide variety of projects, from largecommercial buildings, schools, hotels andrestaurants, to colleges and residential properties.

Proven technology and diverse products enable usto match the solution to your project and designneeds. System design and CAD support are part ofthe services we offer and our experienced sales andsupport teams are on hand to guide you through anyproject application you may consider.

Lighting uses around20% of the electricity

generated in the UK andcan account for around

40% of a building’selectricity use.

The Carbon Trust

Our production teams assemble BREEAM compliantlighting control and modular wiring solutions whichare delivered straight to site.

Once installed by the contractor our commissioningengineers will optimise the performance of thesystem to maximise potential energy savings. Wewill provide your commissioning certificate for yourproject handover.

Once the project is completed we will be on handto support the system through site visits andmaintenance contracts to ensure the buildingfunctions the way it must for the client.

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Commercial Lighting Controls - Next Generation

Industry leading RAPID just got better with the launch of the next generation products. Fully addressableand networkable, combining state-of-the-art technology RAPID meets the most demanding lighting controland energy management applications cost effectively.

Control your lighting environment to ensure the building is as energy efficient as possible whilst providinga comfortable and efficient environment through use of daylight linking, scene setting, presence and/orabsence detection and fully addressable DALI/dsi or 1-10v dimming.


The latest generation of RAPID Lighting Control Module(LCM) comes as either a single 8 – 12 channel unit or asDIN rail mounted panels. Providing the ideal solution forcommercial projects and including new and innovativefeatures to benefit the specifier, installer and client.

The standard RAPID LCM has eight or twelve individuallyaddressable outputs to allow for fully independentcontrol of DALI/DSI/1-10v or switching only fittings. Themodular design allows you to specify for Cat A and isexpandable for Cat B using a four output plugin modulegiving 12 outputs in total. This reduces cost at fit outstage.

PLUGGABLE RAPID LCMThis RAPID module provides ten individuallyaddressable channels controlling 10 independentoutputs. Eight switch input interfaces and two RJ45connections for presence detectors and otherperipheral devices are provided on the front of thelighting control module.

The module is designed for ease of installation and setup; all connections to the unit can be pre-wired; anintegral emergency lighting test facility allows thesupply to the luminaires to be interrupted using thelighting control system. A dimming option is availablefor both 1-10V analogue and DSI/DALI ballasts.

“I would like to thank your engineer for agreat job and it was a pleasure to have himfor the day. He was very professional andhe couldn't do enough to help the Emiratesstaff understand the system and gavethem a full hand over.”

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The Area Controller allows all LCMs on a floor tocommunicate with each other as well as enablingcommunication between floors and / or a Head End PC.The Area Controller also allows the system to be subdivided into different zones.

The built in Time Scheduler with battery back-up allowsfor timed events such as local lighting and emergencytest schedules.

Pre-programmed emergency test durations of threehours, one hour and 10 minutes are available.

The numerical keypad with PIN lock has three accesslevels for engineers, contractors and facilitiesmanagement.

The need to integrate with other building systems isever increasing and we offer this through RS232, Bacnetand KNX.


Hard wired LCMs can be provided in configurations ofsingle, five and ten channel, ideal where a traditional8 – 12 way LCM may not be practical. Each output isindividually controlled and dimmable. A hard wiredsolution is ideal for those areas not usually associatedwith the main part of the lighting control system.Compatible with Head End PC and emergencymonitoring. In the same style of enclosure DALI 64 subaddress modules provide the flexibility of 64 fullyaddressable DALI devices, ideal for chilled beam,continuous run lighting and core areas.


The DALI 64 Modular is a pluggable RAPID lightingcontrol module (LCM) designed for controlling 64addressable DALI devices such as fluorescent or LEDlighting ballasts. It also has one switch input.

The LCM has nine GST style connections for the mains,switch input, DALI and RAPID CAN Bus and is designedto be used in conjunction with our modular wiringsystem. By simply plugging in the module at thecommissioning stage all lights wired via the modularwiring will be addressable through the MDB.

Used in conjunction with our range of DALI presencedetectors a single DALI cable can be run to digitallycontrol all the lighting and power the sensors. Thissaves time and money on additional specialist cable.It’s ideal for chilled beam, continuous run lighting andcore areas.

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Architectural Lighting Controls - ARCHIE

From a boutique hotel lobby, intimate restaurant, high end residences to corporate HQ boardroom ourArchie range provides ultimate flexibility and control. Transform spaces using lighting to create the moodand ambience you’re looking for.

Personalise the light in a single room, multiple rooms, throughout the building and in outside spaces tocreate visual impact which supports the end client’s corporate brand style, values and personality.

Lighting can be used to enhance or dramatically change individual spaces to create the effect you need.Pre-programmed events can easily be recalled or left to run in sequence.

In hotels rooms a ‘welcome’ setting can be selected forguest arrival and a choice of scenes pre-programmed toenable them to choose which suits their needs.

A restaurant can pre-programme lighting to suit differentaudiences throughout the day. So you can create theright environment for morning coffee, lively lunches orintimate evening dining.

Controlling lighting in your home can enhancecharacter and features. Timed events ensure interiorand exterior lights are switched on for when you gethome, programmed to suit each season. This alsoprovides excellent security for when you are away.

Several different scenes can be programmed in anyroom to cater for different uses - reading, watchingmovies, dining and entertaining.

The system can easily be integrated with other controlsystems such as AV, heating, curtains or blinds andmusic, to control your complete environment from thetouch of a button or tablet.

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Architectural lighting also plays a key part within morefunctional buildings and is ideal for boardroom andreception areas. Maintain optimum lighting balance anda comfortable working environment. Mimic natural lightto stimulate activity and maximise productivity.

Our Archie panel solution can integrate and control keyservices such as lighting, heating, audio visual, blinds andmusic. Innovative and attractive control panels, touchscreens or remote control handsets put the user incontrol of their environment.

Four, twelve and twenty four channel panels presentedin an attractive powder coated enclosure the DIN railmounted solution is self-contained with its own integralPSU and can be configured as part of a main system orstandalone with the option for mains isolation viaresidual circuit breakers and miniature circuit blocks.

Scene Selection Plates allow lighting to be controlled indifferent levels and groups. Available in a choice ofcolours and finishes including black, white, gold, pearland silver.

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Scene Selection Plates allow lights to be controlled atdifferent levels and in different groups. We canprogramme between one and eight different scenes,raise, lower and off. Fade rates can also be configuredto meet the needs of the surrounding environment.

Three columns of buttons are available from a standardsingle gang plate, typically stainless steel although anyfinish or colour can be produced to order.

The introduction of the third column means we can nowoffer blind control functions from one plate. This workswith many blind and shade systems as well as our ownblind control module.

Also with the new range the control plate can beaddressed so as to allow the plate to have functionalityof working as multiple control of rooms from the oneplate by assigning columns of buttons to different roomsor groups of lighting circuits.


Having lights on in an empty room or space costsmoney so we use sensors to detect presence andabsence and automatically turn lights on or off asrequired. There are two types of sensor PIR (PassiveInfra-Red) and Microwave Detectors.

PIR (Passive Infra-Red) Detectors detect change in theinfra-red spectrum from body heat and movementwithin a defined field.

Microwave Detectors transmit energy and measure theenergy reflected back from objects in the room. Theyare very sensitive to movement and operate over longranges and through glass. They are ideal for largespaces and awkward shaped areas where fine motiondetection is required.

“Your engineer went out of hisway to assist in the successfuldemonstration and handoverof the lighting controls atAllergan.”

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Modular wiring is pre-made before being delivered to site where its plug and play format makes it quickand easy to fit reducing the risk of incorrect wiring. One of the great advantages of modular wiring is itsversatility and simplicity which makes it suitable for almost any installation.

Our modular wiring is pre-fabricated in our factory in Surrey using cables specifically rated for theappropriate environment. Checked and tested throughout the process the product is quick and easy toinstall. This improves on-site efficiency and provides cost benefits.

Modular wiring can be used for power distribution, high level lighting and fan coil systems (VAV units),under floor power for floor boxes and desk modules. High level systems can also incorporate a bus cablefor a fully integrated distribution and control solution.

TheisCraft Modular Wiring

Standard MDBs provide an easy to install plug and playsolution. Available in six and nine port configurations forthree, four and five pole connectivity.

Ideal for buildings with a fixed layout ideal e.g. schoolsand public sector buildings and in commercial buildings,stairwells, store rooms and washroom areas.

Available in metal and softskin.

Max 20 amp circuits pre-wired to enable fast fixapproach to room control via a modular approach.

Home runs typically wired in 2.5mm², 4.0mm² or6.00mm² BASEC approved cables. Pre-wired, testedand supplied tamper-proof to site.

3 and 5 Pole End Cable3 and 5 Pole Starter Cable3 Pole Power Interlink CableArmoured Flying TeeArmoured LeadsArmoured Lighting TeeArmoured Switch Fuse SpurExtender CablesHome Run CablesMaster Distribution Box (MDB)Master Power Distribution Unit (PDU)Soft Skin LeadsSwitch Fuse Spur

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MaintenanceThe team at TheisCraft have been designing, supplying and maintaining lighting controls systems for over10 years. As a CP Electronics system partner we support the Rapid system as well as all Rapid The IS Ltdsystems installed before 2013.

Once a project is complete it’s important you have confidence the lighting system will function correctlyfor many years, which is why our maintenance contracts are available at competitive rates to suit yourbuilding and budget. In many cases we will already know your site having been involved with the originalinstallation, so if a problem occurs you can be confident that experienced support is on hand.

● Agreed annual maintenance costs to suit your building and budget.

● Maintain optimal system performance.

● Head End maintenance and updates.

● System tuning for occupancy, absence, daylight levels to maximise energy conservation and carbon reduction.


We offer a choice of service levels and supportto suit your building and budget:

● Annual contracts with bespoke maintenance andservice level agreements.

● Agreed fixed costs and scheduled visits to site.

● Full report after each maintenance visit which willinclude any recommendations.

● Agreed call out response times with preferential adhoc call out rates.

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Registered in England No 8807374

T: 01252 560800E: [email protected]:


Some of our recent projects:

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