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Theodore Roosevelt High School A Destination High School

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Theodore Roosevelt High School. A Destination High School . RHS Quick Facts. Enrollment: 1425 Receiving special services: 16% Receiving ESL services: 13% Current Attendance rate: 87% CPS Performance Policy: Level 2. RHS 2013-14 School Goals. Attendance Rate: 90% Freshman On Track: 80% - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Theodore Roosevelt High School

Theodore Roosevelt High SchoolA Destination High School

Page 2: Theodore Roosevelt High School

RHS Quick FactsEnrollment: 1425

Receiving special services: 16%Receiving ESL services: 13%

Current Attendance rate: 87%CPS Performance Policy: Level 2

Page 3: Theodore Roosevelt High School

RHS 2013-14 School GoalsAttendance Rate: 90%Freshman On Track: 80%Average ACT Score: 16.7Graduation Rate: 70%College Enrollment Rate: 60%

Page 4: Theodore Roosevelt High School

Why is RHS a Destination School?

AVID WECEP JROTC SLCs CTE Advisory College & Career


GEAR UP Alliance Newcomer & Refugee

support Freshman Connection Heartland Alliance Health

Center After School Matters Academic Decathlon Evening School Program

2011 Senior Prom Fashion Show

Page 5: Theodore Roosevelt High School

Roosevelt High School Offerings

Various Sports Team Cultural/Social Clubs Fashion Shows School Plays School Musicals

Mock Trial Yearbook National Honor Society Gay-Straight Alliance Senior Prom Committee Pennies for Peace Driver’s Education SES Tutoring buildOn AVID College Club Community and college

partnershipsImagi-NATIONSRHS International Night 2011

Page 6: Theodore Roosevelt High School

RHS Sports

Lorin Volberding

Wrestling Lacrosse Softball Baseball Basketball Track Cheerleading Football Swimming Soccer

RHS Athletic Director

And many more…

Page 7: Theodore Roosevelt High School

RHS Clubs• Korean Club• Glee Club• Hip-Hop Club• Gardening Club• Medicina Academy (with

University of Illinois-Chicago) • African American Club• Indo-Pak Club• National Honors Society• French Club• Filipino Club• Bee Keeping Club• Spanish Culture Club

Roosevelt’s Bee Keeping Club

• Society of Hispanic Engineers• Mock Trial• Tech Crew• Bosnian Club• Issues to Action

Page 8: Theodore Roosevelt High School

An SLC is a small group of students (about 250) in grades 9-12 that shares

the same teachers for 4 years, and takes most of its classes in a somewhat

contained area of their school

• Students rank their top 3 choices and almost always get their first choice

• “Loop” with teachers: have the same teacher twice during high school

• Elective options related to the SLC’s theme• Non-core classes are with all RHS students• Advanced Placement and honors classes are

open to the whole school

Small Learning Communities (SLCs)

Page 9: Theodore Roosevelt High School


Page 10: Theodore Roosevelt High School

- Take advanced courses like:- Drama- Film- Intermediate/Advanced Band- AP Art History

- Get more involved in school plays and musicals!

Arts & Humanities

Page 11: Theodore Roosevelt High School

Human Development & Early Childhood

- Take advanced courses like:- Psychology- Sociology

- 2 Career & Technical Education:

- Teaching- Early Childhood

Page 12: Theodore Roosevelt High School

- Take advanced courses like:- Chicago History

- Participate in the school’s garden and upcoming Farmer’s Market!

- 2 Career & Technical Education programs:

- Culinary Arts (full kitchen!)- Hospitality Management

Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management

Page 13: Theodore Roosevelt High School

- Take advanced courses like:- Geospatial Information


- Participate in the school’s Tech Crew and student-led Business Club!

- 2 Career & Technical Education programs:

- CISCO Networking- Game Programming

Information Technology & Business

Page 14: Theodore Roosevelt High School

- Selective city-wide Army Military Academy

- Take advanced courses like:- Leadership 1-4- ROTC 1-4- Cartography

- Participate in the program’s Color Guard and Orienteering trips!

Ulysses S. Grant Army Military Academy

Page 15: Theodore Roosevelt High School

- Take advanced courses like:- Zoology

- Participate in the school’s partnership with Medicina Academy at University of Illinois at Chicago

- 2 Career & Technical Programs:

- Practical Nursing Program- Medical & Health Careers

Medicine & Health Care

Page 16: Theodore Roosevelt High School

- Take a rigorous course load of honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses

- Take 4 years of all 4 core classes (English, math, history, science) to be competitive for selective colleges

- Participate in the school’s clubs like Academic Decathalon

The Academy

Page 17: Theodore Roosevelt High School

- Receive language support while adjusting to living in Chicago (and the U.S.)

- Get support from tutors of many languages

International Newcomer Center

Page 18: Theodore Roosevelt High School

Thank you for checking out Roosevelt High