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Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt 1901-1909

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Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. 1901-1909. In 1901, one major event helped to set off the Progressive Era… MCKINLEY WAS ASSASSINATED!. Vice President Roosevelt sworn in as President. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

Theodore “Teddy”


Page 2: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

In 1901, one major event helped to set off

the Progressive Era…


Page 3: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

Vice President Roosevelt

sworn in as President

Page 4: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

“The principles for which we stand are the principles of fair play and a square deal for every man and every woman in the United States… I wish to see you boys join the Progressive Party, and act… as good citizens in the same way I’d expect any one of you to act in a football game. In other words, don’t flinch, don’t fold, and hit the line hard.”

Page 5: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

A. Middle to upper class

B. sickly and small as a child

C. interests ~ reading, writing

D. Age 10, discovered boxing1. “I’ll make my body”2. physically strenuous life

I. Private Life

Page 6: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

Roosevelt Vs. the Railroads

Page 7: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

A. first wife and mother died on same day

B. Alcoholic brother

C. Youngest son killed in WWI

D. Focused on the joy of life

II. Optimist, despite…

Page 8: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

Some said that he…

“generated so much energy that if you met him, you left the event with

bits of his personality stuck to your clothes”

Personality… “Crackled with Energy”

Page 9: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

A. Extremely well read

B. Listened to all perspectives

C. Focused on public good

D. Surrounded himself with quality people

III. Leadership Qualities

Page 10: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

A. Governor of New York ~ 1898-1900

B. Vice-President ~ 1900-1901

C. President ~ 1901-19091. youngest president in history2. president by accident3. “That Damned Cowboy!”

IV. Public Career

Page 11: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

Roosevelt ~ Ranch Life

Page 12: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

A. strong, aggressive role as PresidentB. Mediated Coal Strike of 1902C. Trustbuster1. Good Trusts vs Bad TrustsD. Consumer Protection1. Meat Inspection Act (1906)2. Pure Food and Drug Act (1906)E. Conserve Natural Resources1. Map page 237

V. Roosevelt’s Square Deal

Page 13: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

Roosevelt mediates oil strike - 1902

Page 15: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

A. “Teddy Bear”

B. First Modern President

C. People’s President

D. Government action to social and economic problems

E. Moderate reform, not radical change

VI. Legacy of Teddy Roosevelt

Page 16: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

Teddy “Bear” Roosevelt