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ThermaLogix is a full-service advanced thermographic nondestructive testing (NDT) solution provider offering a complete suite of turnkey solutions ranging from field inspection services to co-located service models. We work closely with clients to develop and deploy value added solutions. Our team includes certified operators, engineers, and scientists with decades of real world experience in thermographic NDT.


  • 1. Field Portable Inspection Services For Advanced Marine Composite Structures Impact Damage Skin to Core Disbond Void Detection Crack Detection Fiber Orientation Moisture Ingress Wall ThicknessThermaLogixAn Integrity Aerospace Group Company

2. is a non-contact, single- sided NDT test method-3-D High Resolution image shows clear indications-Superior results testing sandwich panels Thermographic Signal Reconstruction (TSR) enhances deep featuresThermaLogixAn Integrity Aerospace Group Company 3. Thermography is a nondestructive testing method based on measurement of infrared thermal response of components, in order to assess their internal condition for quality assurance. In addition to the inspection of advanced marine craft, ThermaLogix is a test provider for the Aerospace industry. Our structured aerospace inspection techniques provide quality assurance to all of our customers.ThermaLogixAn Integrity Aerospace Group Company 4. Thermography Images combined for Mosaic, simplify inspection of large areasThermaLogixAn Integrity Aerospace Group Company 5. www.thermalogix.comThermaLogixAn Integrity Aerospace Group Company 6. www.thermalogix.comThermaLogixAn Integrity Aerospace Group Company 7. www.thermalogix.comThermaLogixAn Integrity Aerospace Group Company 8. www.thermalogix.comThermography offers fast, accurate and non-contact inspection with the uniqueability to create high quality images of large areas using a Mosaic function.Our capabilities extent far beyond Thermographic NDT. Ultrasound is mostfrequently used in combination with Thermography but each testing method hasadvantages dependent on the subject matter.Air-coupled, Liquid-coupledAcousto, Phased-array Film, Computed Radiography(CR), Digital Detector Array Radiography(DDA) Neutron RadiographyThermaLogixAn Integrity Aerospace Group Company 9. www.thermalogix.comThermaLogixAn Integrity Aerospace Group Company


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