Things to consider when evaluating cookie dough fundraiser companies

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1. 4 Things to Consider When Evaluating Cookie Dough Fundraiser Companies For those groups and organizations considering money raising options many will look into fundraising cookie dough opportunities. Going with a cookie dough fundraiser is a good option, because cookies are popular and make for an easy sell. One of the most difficult tasks each group may have will be in deciding which cookie dough fundraising companies offer the best programs. While searching around for fundraising cookie dough opportunities there are bound to be numerous presented for consideration. Rather than just go with the first one you happen to see, you should take a moment to evaluate cookie dough fundraiser companies. Doing so will help ensure that you will enjoy the whole fundraising process, meet the financial goals of your group and have a great time doing so. Here are 4 things to consider when evaluating cookie dough fundraiser companies: Types of cookie dough. With fundraising cookie dough opportunities you will find that you can opt for frozen cookie dough and a dry mix dough. If you want a stress free fundraiser you will want to avoid frozen cookie dough. Having frozen dough means you will have to try to keep it frozen when you are storing it, as well as when you are delivering it. And if your customers dont get it in the freezer fast enough it may impair the quality of the product. Dry cookie dough mix is simple to work with and just requires the person to add eggs and butter for baking. Variety of flavors. Everyone has a favorite type of cookie, so it is best to go with cookie dough fundraising companies that have a good selection of dough to choose from. There should be numerous flavors so there is something for everyone. Simplicity of program. Cookie dough fundraising companies all run their programs differently, but you want one that is going to be simple. This includes getting good customer service when you need it, not having start up fees, and not having minimum orders. When you are working with a company that keeps it simple its easier for your group to focus on making sales. Ability to earn. Considering that your group is looking for fundraising cookie dough opportunities it is important to make sure you have the ability to earn what you need to. The program needs to be profitable for your group. Not all cookie dough fundraiser companies offer the same program or products. This makes it especially important to research the companies and consider the options. Fundraising cookie dough can be a great way to earn money for your group, but you can have a much easier time doing so when you choose the right company to go with!