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Here are most wanted photography tips from 123VideoMagic to capture best photos.


  • 1. Things to Remember In Photography

2. Photography is a sensible hobby. It is fun as wellas de-stressing. The first thing to remember isthat photography is an art it is much more thanjust clicking pictures. Thus, the photographersspend their precious time to take classes onphotography to learn about this art. In thesubsequent slides, there are some points givenwhich an individual has to remember inphotography. 3. Cameras Dont TakeGood PhotosWhenever people see some nice photos, they usually askwhich camera was used. They dont ask who was takingpictures. What the fact is that cameras dont take good photos,you do it. Camera is just a tool. You can use this tool to takebreathtaking photos or terrible photos. Read the ManualDont get too excited to click photos. First, read the manualwhich comes with the camera. It is very essential for the userto read the manual, because in this way he or she willunderstand more about the tool, its shooting modes andcontrols. Those who do not read all the instructions and stepsare likely to produce terrible photos. 4. Dont Ignore Auto Mode For the beginners in the field of photography, Auto mode is very handy. It enables the user to decide what shutter speed, white balance, aperture and ISO to use. When the user is in doubt, he or she can switch to Auto mode and can start taking photos. This is the reason why most of the cameras have Auto mode on them.Dont Ignore Auto ModeThe light which comes out of the flash unit can break or make aphoto. Thus, avoid flash as far as possible. For creative photos,use natural light. If the photos are to be taken indoors, windowscan be opened to let-in the light from outside. In the roomswhere there is dim light, tripod can be used to mount thecamera on, because the user will use slow shutter speed. Whenshooting is to be done outdoor at day time, natural light from thesun can be used. Use flash when shooting for a portrait in broadday light. 5. CompositionFollow composition rules such as - the rule of thirds, the rulesof symmetry and leading lines. The unwanted object in thebackground shouldnt over-shadow the picture focus. Also youcan use some Good photographs editing software to do coolstuff to your photos. Other aspects to remember is regardingimproving the composition quality, like slightly angling thecamera as the shot is being taken, silhouetting objects,reflecting & framing objects etc.