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The Third Crusade (1189-1192) Image:

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The Third Crusade(1189-1192)


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October 11, 1187:

Saladin Captures Jerusalem


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Late October, 1187:

Pope Urban III dies, and is succeeded by Gregory VII. Gregory issues the Audita tremendi, calling for a third Crusade. “Saladin Tithe” imposed in Western Europe.

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March 27, 1188:

Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa takes up the cross, pledging his support.

May 1189:

Frederick departs.


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July 6, 1189:

Henry II of England dies. Richard I the Lionheart ascends the throne and begins preparing for the Crusade.


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August 28, 1189:

Guy of Lusignan, King of Jerusalem, begins siege of Acre.


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June 10, 1190:

Frederick drowns in Anatolia


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July 4, 1190:

Richard and Philip II of France meet in France before departing for the Holy Land.

April 20, 1191:

Philip arrives at Acre


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June 1, 1191:

Richard captures the island of Cyprus.

June 8, 1191:

Richard arrives at Acre.


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July 12, 1191:

Acre falls to the Crusader forces.

August, 1191:

Philip returns to France.


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September 7, 1191:

Battle of Asurf: Saladin attacks Richard en route to Jaffa and is defeated decisively.

Richard captures Jaffa soon after.


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November, 1191

Latin forces begin to move on Jerusalem, but return to Jaffa for the winter.

Winter, 1191:

Crusader forces capture and fortify Ascalon.

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May 22, 1192:

Crusaders capture Darum, near the border of Egypt.

June, 1192:

Latin army, led by Richard arrives at the heavily defended Jerusalem. Crusaders, unable to agree on a plan, turn back and retreat to the coast again.

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July 30, 1192:

Saladin recaptures Jaffa.

August 8, 1192:

Battle of Jaffa: Richard swiftly retaliates and captures the city with a small force. This forced Saladin to negotiate peaceImage:

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September 2, 1192:

Treaty of Jaffa: Richard and Saladin agree on a three-year truce between Saladin and the Crusaders.

October 9, 1192:

Richard leaves the Holy Land.