thirsty published 1997 horror novel set in modern massachusetts vampires and other such creatures...

Download Thirsty Published 1997 Horror Novel Set in modern Massachusetts Vampires and other such creatures exist

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  • ThirstyPublished 1997Horror NovelSet in modern MassachusettsVampires and other such creatures exist.

  • M.T. AndersonMatthew Tobin AndersonBorn December 31, 1967.American AuthorPrimarily writes picture books for children and novels for young adults.Lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.Board member of the National Childrens Book and Literacy Alliance.

  • LynchingChris first encounter with a vampiress.Courtyard.Strange Sensation, a growing thirst for blood.He discovers he has no shadow.He realizes he must be suffering from vampirism.

  • VampirismDoesnt know how he could be a vampire.His mother tells him the story of his near death experience as a newborn.Chris fears that the nurse had infected him to save his life.Chris is afraid to tell his friends about how he is feeling.

  • Chet the Celestial BeingSays he serves for the Force of Light.Says he can cure Chris of his vampirism.Chet tells Chris that they must retrieve and place a holy object with TchMuchgar.The holy object is The Arm of Moriator.Once activated the arm cannot be moved or deactivated.Chet explains to Chris that if TchMuchgar tries to escape after the arm is activated it will cause him to become trapped between worlds.

  • TchMuchgar / Vampire PartyChris starts to notice he is being stalked.He describes the humanoid figure as The Thing with the One-Piece Hair, or simply The Thing.Chet brings Chris and the Arm of Moriator to a congregation of vampires in an abandoned church.At the Sad Festival, Chris is talked into going to a party with Lolli and another young vampire named Bat.

  • TchMuchgarTchMuchgar attempts to leave his prison and is killed by The Arm of Moraitor.Chet reveals that he is actually working for TchMuchgar.Chet realized that TchMuchgar would never escape his prison and was looking for a way to end his miserable existence.Chet also reveals that he cannot actually cure Chris of his vampirism.

  • The EndChet then points out to Chris that he is now doomed.If he kills mortals for blood, theyll eventually hunt him down and execute him.If he refuses to drink blood, Hell die.If he seeks help from the Force of Light, they will torment him in place of the vampire lord.If he tries to get help from other vampires, theyll kill him themselves for destroying their god.At the end of the book, Chris fate is uncertain, leaving the main plot of the book unresolved.Although, he is certainly doomed.