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  • 1. Laceys Repertoire of Elements Music video analysisBy Georgia McLaughlinTitle The Kill (Bury me)Artist Thirty Seconds To MarsGenre Alternative RockStyle Performance and NarrativeNick Lacey is Famous for his Genre theory; Laceys repertoire of elements. This refers to thefive Genre elements which are Characters, Narrative events, Iconography, Setting andTechnical and audio codes. In the popular Alternative rock song The Kill (Bury Me) by thirtySeconds to Mars theses 5 elements can be referred to.Thirty seconds to mars features Shannon Leto (Drums), Tomo Milievi (lead guitar), MattWachter who has now left the group (bass guitar) and Jared Leto Guitar (lead vocals). Allband members feature in the video however Jared is also an academy award winning actorand has a clear appreciation of film. This is evident as the video is an exact replica of Theshining (Stanley Kubrick, 1980) and the attention to detail and serious meaning to the songmake it a pastiche.In terms of character each band member does something thatresembles an event of Jack Torrance. In addition to acting like Jack,The youngest member of the band (Tomo) also resembles his sonDanny in the things he does (i.e. going round the hotel on a skateboard). Every band member wears all heavy black clothing and hasblack emo style hair (except from Matt who is dark blonde) whichis stereotypical of the genre. In addition to this various membersalso wear heavy black eye liner adding to their already darkappearance. Jared also wears chipped black nail varnish breakingthe stereotype of what is expected from a male rock star bywearing nail varnish and that extent of make-up. Jared takescharge in most of the video as the lead singer and has most of thedialogue he is also the character that most resembles the actionsof Jack. All of the characters come across as quite mysterious thanks to their full blackcostume, the narrative and that they all seem quite distantfor a band; barley being in the same shot together asidefrom performance scenes. The mystery is emphasised inthese scenes by Jared sinister stares at the camera with hisdark eyes making him look evil or possessed whereas everyother band member doesnt look at the camera at all and comes across emotionless. Laterin the video we see doppelgangers of each band member. These can be identified as theywear formal suits. Their outfits are entirely black and white (including the classically redBoutonnire) representing the split in their personality between the good and the bad

2. which is evident in several lyrics including this is who I really am and Ive finally foundmyself. There are several other characters throughout including a blood covered girl whoget out of the shower, a creepy man who tips his hat and several sets of twins . The twinsrepresent the theory of doppelgangers and are all dressed in 1920s style dresses matchingthe setting, at the end of the video they all dance in a very controlled, puppet like way. Thecreepy man represents Mr Grady and finally in opposition to the film the girl is covered inblood where as in the film the woman dies from an overdose and is in the bath. This couldbe paying homage to Carrie (anotherbook written by Stephen King) as she isseen in a silk dress, making the video apastiche of the work of Stephen King.The video is a combination of Performance, narrative and conceptual. The conceptual partsare within the narrative meaning if you have not seen the shining film it will be unclear andthe whole concept of the video being about facing your fears and facing your true self andthis is portrayed through the use of doppelgangers. The performance aspects all take placein a 1920s style ball room where the band perform on stage to a room full of 1920s styletwins who waltz to the rock genre music creating a juxtaposition through the use ofbricolage. In terms of narrative the video follows the storyline of the shining. After taking abreak from tour the band stay alone in a hotel for severalweeks left with only a note from the staff saying enjoyyour stay and please stay out of room 6277.Later,Shannon goes to the room and from that moment onstrange thing begins to happen to each band memberincluding seeing their doppelgangers. When Tomo is inthe room he removes his glasses for the first time suggesting he is more open and visuallyawakened to see his true self despite his apparition being seeing a man dressed as a dogperforming a sexual act on him(which also happens to a characterin the film). Many scenes areparallel to the film or just slightlyadapted to suit band For example,Tomo is seen on a skateboardtraveling around the hotel; this is a recreation of the scene were Danny Torrance is travelingaround the hotel on a toy bike. Another parallel is when Jared is seen throwing a ball againstthe wall and the scenes with the typewriter; however in this version he types this is who Ireally am over again suggesting he isembracing this side of himself. Anotherparallel is that of the dead woman whokisses Jack but in this case she dies ofdifferent circumstances as she is coveredBy Georgia McLaughlin 3. in blood. In the bar scene Matt is served by his doppelganger. While both the film and themusic video culminate in an elegant ballroom; being the main performance scene. In thisscene the audience and doppelganger version of the band welcome the real band as theywalk in dressed in tuxedos suggesting they have embraced their darker side.Iconography is strongly used in the Video to create a deeper meaning and make morereference to Kubrick/Kings the shining. The first we see is the band arrives in a limo thatlooks more like a hearse from the outside foreshadowing the death inside the hotel andgiving connotations of darkness and pain. When the band enters the hotel they all enterthrough separate doors showing a separation in contrast to how you think a band should be.This is also clear when they all walk to rooms in different directions despite the hotel beingempty suggesting they were already different personalities to begin with. When they enterthey walk away from a well-lit exit that could act as a warning to leave, once againforeshadowing the events to come. This happens again when Jared is following hisdoppelganger as the sign shown bigger as if its screaming at him to leave before they comeface to face. When they first enter the hotel they receive a very elegantly written notealready making the audience realise its not from modern day, also because it is sealed will ared wax seal. The wax is darker than usual and is dripping down making it look like blood.The bar that Matt is sitting at a black barsuggesting darkness and sin and as hisdoppelganger serves him a drink and sinisterly tipshis head and raises the glass to cheers; peoplewould traditionally cheers and clink glasses inorder to frighten the devil or any demons and toprove the drink doesnt contain poison suggestingthat Matts doppelganger does this to try to persuade him that its safe. Adding to the use ofBricolage is the type writer which was also used by jack in the shining. In this case Jareduses it and types This is who I really am over and over adding to the connotations ofpossession and releasing or fightingagainst your true self. Also like Jack inthe film Jared is seen throwing a ballagainst a wall to pass time yet it isdone in an aggressive manner; Ibelieve it was done to try to keep Jared sane and give him a focus after the strange going onin the hotel as this is also done in the great escape (John Sturges, 1963). To add to the use ofbricolage when the band are seen performing they are in an old ballroom and the audienceis dressed in 1920s style clothing waltzing to their rock genre music in a ball like setting.This breaks the convention of what is expected at a rock concert. Also in the performancescenes Jared sings into a vintage style microphone emphasising the 1920s style. Finally, thenumber 6277 is used for the room number because it spells out Mars on a telephoneBy Georgia McLaughlin 4. keypad; the number also features in the video for From Yesterday by thirty seconds tomars. In contrast the film uses the room number 237.The video starts off set inside the limo like hearse whereJared gives the orders to the rest of the band. When theyleave the limo we see the ominous looking hotel whichgoes along with the 1920s style surrounded by lots ofdark grey clouds adding to the chilling. Once inside theyenter the lobby and realise there is no one else there. Allof the rooms are large with minimal furniture emphasising the emptiness of the hotelmaking it look all the more unusual. Some of these settings include the large roomcontaining only a type writer aside from a couple of thing faded in the background and thelong repetitive corridors. Another setting is ballroom where the bands doppelgangers playon stage in this scene the real band walks through the curtains dressed as the doppelgangersuggesting they have now embraced that side of themselves. There are two small fake treeseither side of the drummer who is on a sand coloured podium. Behind them is a goldencurtain suggesting wealth; this is also clear by the bands tuxedos, the elegance of the roomand the formality 1920s style audience. The instruments and amps are all black and whitecontinuing the theme of elegance and good vs evil. This is complemented by the large blackand white striped curtain at either side of the stage. Room 6277 starts of as an empty bathroom in Shannons eyes but changes depending on each character for example, Tomo sees abedroom.In terms of the technical and audio codes there are many used in the making of The Killsmusic video. The video starts off with a black title screen with sharp writing stating the killin the background there is some eerie wind like sounds within the non-diegetic sound. Theopening shot shows a low angle close up of Jared already presenting his power as he staresintimidatingly out of the window at the bare treesand


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